Hot Water System Installation: Is Tankless Water Heater Ideal for You?

08 May 2023

There is a compelling reason why tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. The new model requires less room because it does not require water storage, unlike conventional water heater systems that do. It also produces hot water instantly. These are only a handful of the explanations Melbourne residents have for choosing this system. The benefits of a tankless water heater are listed below to help you determine if it is the ideal hot water system for you.

Instant Hot Water

Instant hot water, when you turn on a tankless water heater, is one of its main advantages. This can be explained by the system’s lack of a tank for pre-heating the water. It operates by having water flow through a heated pipe. Hot water is available immediately when the hot water system is turned on. Because of this functionality, tankless water heater reviews are generally favourable.


Another benefit of buying a tankless water heater is that it will use less energy to heat the water in your house. You can reduce your energy costs by using a tankless system instead of one that keeps the water in the tank at the same temperature. As a result, you will ultimately save a lot of money.

Extended Lifespan

Tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan than conventional water heaters. The majority of consumers choose these water heaters for this additional reason. One of the most important aspects mentioned in user evaluations of tankless water heaters is their longevity. A tankless water heater can survive up to 20 years with adequate maintenance, compared to the traditional water heater’s maximum lifespan of only 10 years.

Space Saving

A conventional water heater tank can hold up to 50 gallons, so a large space is required to install it. But the space problem is resolved with a tankless system. Thus, if your Melbourne home is tight, a tankless water heater is ideal for you. You may install the system on the wall to maximise your available space.

Clean Water Is a Guarantee

The safety of the water is one of the conventional water heater’s main problems. Rust, scale, and mineral deposits can contaminate water that has been lying in a tank for hours or even days. But a tankless water heater only uses water as it is needed, so contaminants and undesired particles cannot get into the water. The system ensures access to clean water because of this.

No Water Leak Problems

There are no leaks, which is another benefit of buying a tankless heater. A major issue with the traditional water heater is a leaking tank. There are no water leak issues because the system lacks a storage tank. That only means avoiding flooding and avoiding repair costs.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the available environmentally friendly water heaters is a tankless unit. The system aids in reducing the energy required to heat water, hence minimising adverse effects on the environment. The electric tankless water heater model can also use solar energy to heat the water.

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