Flushometer Service and Maintenance Melbourne

We specialise in the service and replacement of flushometers (otherwise known as “Flushers”, Flusher Valves” or “Flush valves”) for both commercial and residential properties throughout Melbourne. We perform routine maintenance on flusher tanks to maintain a clean water supply to the Flushometers. We look after 9 buildings in Melbourne CBD and St Kilda Rd, so we are never far from the city, but also look after buildings with Flushometers in Airport West, Cheltenham, Clayton, Fountain Gate, Knox and Sunshine. We work with the following brands; Gloria, Hush, Unibra, Dorf, Stokes, Zurn, Sloan, Royal Sloan, Dal and Regal. We carry a wide range of spare parts with us to get your facilities back up and running and often start early before opening hours to avoid staff and patron use.