Gas Fitting FAQ: Can a Licenced Plumber Do the Job?

14 December 2022

Most consumers don’t typically think of plumbers when they need gas fitting services. Usually, plumbers provide services such as water and sewage line installation, maintenance, and repair. They support the upkeep of residential and commercial premises’ freshwater and wastewater systems. Unlike plumbing, gas pipes require particular knowledge, training, and expertise. However, many plumbers obtain their certification in gas fitting, which entitles them to offer plumbing and gas fitting services.

Gas Fitting: What is it and What Does it Involve?

Gas fittings are pipelines and connections to join a natural gas or LPG source with a gas appliance, a gas container, or related flues. Gas fittings are used to install, maintain, service, and replace gas pipelines and systems in both residential and commercial buildings. You will most likely call a qualified gas fitter if you need new gas pipes or are concerned about gas leaks. However, an increasing number of plumbers in Australia get the licences necessary to provide their customers with gas fitting services and plumbing services.

While they can handle various other duties, trained plumbers are frequently called for gas fittings during situations like gas leak detection or broken gas pipes. It involves the installation of new pipelines as well as gas BBQs, cooktops, and hot water systems. Additionally, they educate homeowners on how to use their gas appliances properly and how to fix any ongoing gas issues. Even if you are remodelling your home, you should hire a skilled plumber to assist with installing and disconnection appliances. Moving gas appliances on your own can be risky, and it’s best to leave it to the pros because handling gas lines incorrectly can be lethal.

Is It Legal for a Plumber to Work Without a Licence on Gas Pipes?

Without a specific licence, a plumber is not permitted to work on gas-connected pipes or appliances. Check if a plumber has the required certifications and licences before hiring them to operate on gas fittings. Additionally, they must provide insurance and a warranty for their work. Therefore, when you need assistance with gas fittings in Australia, conducting a complete background check on the plumber you are considering employing is crucial. Hire a professional to deal with gas fittings if you want to save a little money; nevertheless, doing so could end up costing you much more than you anticipated.

Plumbing and Gas Fitting Services from G. Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne

It pays to hire the right person for the job when it comes to gas. You may perhaps use this practical guide to grasp the types of certificates to look for before hiring one.

If you live in Melbourne CBD or the Southern Suburbs, G. Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne can help with all your plumbing and gas fitting needs. Our team of plumbing experts are also fully-licensed gas plumbers. With us, assistance for your gas and water problems is never far away.

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