Blocked or defective sewer: what to do?

23 October 2013

We handymen take pride in being able to deal with situations ourselves. When something goes wrong in the house, we make a beeline for our toolboxes instead of calling someone to help us out. This works great for most maintenance tasks. Sewer problems are not most tasks. Such situations are one of the few where calling a plumber makes far […]

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Sewers and Drains explained

10 October 2013

What is the difference between a sewer and a drain? Why are they separate? Will this change? For something that is present in every modern household, there is an amazing lack of knowledge concerning sewers and drains. Below, we will attempt to answer some questions and explore what changes the future will likely bring to these basic plumbing elements. What […]

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Hire a plumber

25 September 2013

“Why hire a plumber? It is just a racket to bilk ignorant people out of money. If you could teach a monkey that water flows downhill and leaks are bad, that monkey could be a plumber.” – This is the sort of thing one can often hear those who have no idea what they are saying profess. If it were […]

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