Different Types of Plumbing Fixtures

11 February 2014

A plumbing fixture usually refers to a part in a plumbing system that has a specific use and application. These fixtures are different from other types of plumbing components, such as pipes, which solely carry water. A faucet, for example, is a type of fixture because it can be turned on or off to control the flow of water. The most common types of plumbing fixtures include toilets, showerheads, bathtubs, and sinks. The function of a plumbing system is to distribute water to various areas of a building, for things such as cooking and cleaning.

Plumbing fixtures for home use can be broken down into a few categories, kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and plumbing system fixtures. The most familiar types of kitchen fixtures is a sink, which is used for cleaning food and dishes, or washing hands. There are numerous kinds of sinks, from basic types to versions that incorporate garbage disposal system. Faucets and taps are also common fixtures that are found in the kitchen. Kitchen faucets are available in a wide range of designs and materials for homeowners to choose from.

Bathrooms are considered to be the centre point for water and plumbing usage in a typical home. This is due to bathrooms having many types of fixtures such as toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks. A toilet is a type of plumbing fixture that is utilised to dispose of human waste and are often made from porcelain or stainless steel.

Showers and bathtubs are sometimes combined into a single unit. Parts of the shower, such as the showerhead, are also classified as plumbing fixtures, since they allow water to be released into the shower or bathtub. Bidets are a more uncommon type of plumbing fixture. Bidets originated in France and are used for personal cleaning and hygiene.

Plumbing fixtures are also used by plumbers to repair or install a plumbing system. A professional plumber may have to replace a leaky faucet or a faulty toilet and many times will recommend replacement with one of their own fixtures, based on things like quality of the material and price.

Many plumbing fixture dealers exist and supply the marketplace with all sorts of products. Most specialised stores will stock plumbing fixtures ranging from toilets to tools.

Consult a professional plumber for all your questions and concerns regarding your plumbing fixtures.

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