Winterizing Your Bathroom Pipes and How to Prevent Freezing

14 June 2017

Winter is coming, and that means property owners need to prepare to keep their pipes from freezing, especially in the bathroom – the most important room in the house. Preventing pipes from freezing is important because when that happens water ceases to flow and pipes can burst, and if that happens in your bathroom, then it becomes unusable – an undesirable situation, indeed.

The Importance of Winterizing Your Bathroom Pipes to Prevent Freezing

Pipes in your home need protection from the cold when the temperature drops below freezing, that’s because pipes can burst. Basically, water expands when it freezes and becomes ice. This tremendous pressure inside pipes causes them to burst, and when that happens water pipes need to be repaired or replaced. To prevent this from happening, winterizing plumbing is recommended, especially if a house will be vacant for long periods of time.

By winterizing your bathroom you can avoid costly repairs and make sure that your bathroom is usable all winter long. Preventing your pipes from freezing, and thawing them out ‘safely’ if they do freeze, is not difficult, when you know how.

How to Winterize Your Bathroom Pipes in 4 Easy Steps

1. The first step to winterizing your bathroom pipes is to shut off the water leading to your bathroom coming from the water tank and heater, or from the main line.

2. You want to open all drain valves as well as taps in the shower and sink, and then leave them open. The reason why is because a closed tap may create a vacuum that can hold water inside your bathroom pipes. Keep these open for as long as you leave your bathroom unused during winter.

3. Flush the toilet to remove all the water you can from both the toilet bowl and the water tank. Poor a little antifreeze into the bowl so that the water that remains there does not freeze and end-up cracking your toilet bowl.

4. If you have any sink or tub drain traps, then go ahead and add some antifreeze to each one to prevent water from freezing and cracking the drain traps.

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