Why Thermostatic Mixers are Ideal for Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Child Care Centres

06 December 2016

Safety and hygiene are the main priorities at places such as nursing homes, hospitals and childcare centres. Administrators are charged with ensuring that they offer the best conditions at their facilities, especially in bathrooms and washrooms, and thermostatic mixers can help to accomplish that – make bathrooms and washrooms safer, more convenient and hygienic.

Many public facilities are now realizing the benefits of utilising thermostatic mixers, the reason is simple to understand because of their many benefits. For administrators of nursing homes, hospitals, and childcare centres who are considering using thermostatic mixers, here are some of the benefits these provide.

1. Helps to avoid any bathroom mishaps.

Children, elderly and patients are often in a position where they are vulnerable to mishaps when bathing, such as while taking showers. Potential dangers exist which may catch them off guard, as they may be ill prepared to quickly respond to such things as unexpected exposure to scalding water spewing out from a shower head. And, it is equally true in the case of sudden bursts of cold water.

Installing thermostatic showers ensures that there are no mishaps in the bathroom at your facility that is because water temperature always stays within the preset limits. If the water temperature exceeds the limits, then the thermostatic mixer simply cuts off the supply water.

2. It offers convenience.

Who wouldn’t want to just step into the shower and start using it immediately, without spending time having to twist the hot and cold water knobs? It is not only a hassle, but it also time-consuming, often times taking a few minutes before the water is the right temperature. Nursing homes, hospitals and childcare centres ensure the safety and comfort of everyone in their care, while bathing with thermostatic mixers.

3. Thermostatic mixers reduce water usage.

Imagine how much water is wasted as people take the time to twist and turn the hot and cold water knobs to achieve the right temperature for bathing? Saving water, even a few litres every day, in each bathroom adds up, especially if thermostatic mixers are installed in hospitals and nursing home. With thermostatic tapware, people do not have to waste water while waiting for the right temperature because these have a pre-set settings that guarantee the water temperature is always consistent.

If you are looking for a thermostatic tapware solution to increase the safety and comfort of the people under your care, while at the same time considerably lowering your facility’s water usage, then install thermostatic tapware from Mixermate today.

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