Why metal roofing for Commercial properties?

16 February 2015

Metal roofs are uncommon for homes. Asphalt, clay, and concrete are the usual choices homeowners make because of their varied styles and suitability for residences. Some even go for wood purely for aesthetics – not that there is anything wrong with that. But when it comes to businesses, metal is the preferred material. And there are good reasons why metal is often used for commercial properties.

1. Metal roofs are durable.

Metal is a highly durable roofing material. It is capable of withstanding strong winds and rain. Some metals are made to be impact resistant, which is useful against hail and stormy weather. Durability varies among different types of metals.

Galvanized steel is the toughest kind and is extremely resistant to rust. Aluminum is a good alternative since it doesn’t corrode. There are also tin roofs which can last as long as aluminum. Unfortunately, tin is one of the softer metals and is therefore not as tough. Copper is a rarely used metal these days but is still offered by G. Brand & Sons, a company based in Melbourne. Copper is the longest-lasting roofing material and can last up to hundreds of years!

2. Metal roofing is cost-efficient.

Metal is not as cheap as other roofing materials. But considering its durability, it’s worth every penny. Metal roofs can last up to 60 years. Those made with high-quality metals require very little maintenance throughout their lifespan. Roofs made of clay, concrete, wood, and asphalt are cheaper but need regular repairs. Unlike steel, they are not as immune to ‘wear and tear’ and deteriorate over time.

3. Metal roofs are multi-functional.

One of the best advantages of using metal roofs for commercial properties is that they serve different purposes at a time. Besides giving protection against weather conditions, metals such as aluminum have the ability to reflect heat. Aluminum roofs do not absorb heat the way galvanized steel does, and so keeps indoors cool amidst hot weather. This helps reduce electricity costs on cooling equipment by up to 25 percent.

4. Metal roofs are safe.

Metal roofs promote the safety of your space because they do not catch fire when exposed to extreme heat, wildfires, and lightning strikes.

Tips for choosing metal roofs

It is recommended that you choose high-quality metals even if they are more expensive. They are more durable and require the least amount of maintenance. Additionally, you want to hire the services of a roofing company that ensures proper installation of your metal roofs.

G. Brand & Sons has a good selection of metal roofs in different colours. Among the company’s services are roof and gutter installation. You may also request to have insulators installed to reduce the noise that metal roofs make during heavy rains.

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