Why Commercial Businesses Should Opt for Flushometers instead of Tank Toilets

25 September 2018

Most commercial businesses today have flushometers in their restrooms rather than the typical tank toilets. There are good reasons for this, as the flushometre, also referred to as a flush-O-meter, is very effective, and not just for large restaurants and shopping malls, but for use in all sizes and types of businesses, as you will see.

Flushometers Instead of Tank Toilets are Best for Commercial Businesses

Compared to to the traditional tank toilet, flushometers are better for commercial businesses. Traditional tank toilets hold a reservoir of water, and have a flimsy flushing assembly that is made from plastic, which is submerged in water inside the tank. The submerge collection of plastic parts keep water in the tank until the toilet is flushed.

Water entering the tank is measured by a plastic floating device. Once it reaches a certain height, it causes the water to switch off to maintain the desired water level inside the tank. One of the disadvantages of this system, especially for use in busy restrooms, is because the tank reservoir takes a lengthy time to refill before it can be used again to flush. Another disadvantage is that a water tank takes up a considerable amount of space in a small restroom that could be utilised for other purposes, such as a courtesy shelf.

The flushometer design has no water reservoir tank, and has less working parts required to flush the toilet, parts made of metal, not plastic, which reduces the chance of mechanical breakdown. Instead of a tank of water, flushometers use a continuous jet of pressurised water to flush toilets, and because of this, there is no lengthy waiting time between flushing.

Commercial Flushometers Saves Water Consumption

Commonly, when people use public restrooms with standard tank toilets, they often flush twice because there wasn’t enough water in the tank to do a proper job. Basically, tank toilets waste water. Not to mention it wastes the time of people using the toilets because they have to wait a few minutes for the tank to fill up with water before it can flush a second time. This in turn makes those who need to use the toilet next have to wait as well.

A lot of wasted water and time can be saved when commercial businesses switch to flushometer toilets. In fact, flushometer toilets reduce water usage by a whopping 45 percent, which is substantial savings for busy commercial restrooms. Also, there is no waiting time between flushing, so more people can use restrooms in less time, which is just one more reason why many commercial businesses are switching to flushometers.

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