Why Broken Flushometers in Public Toilets Need Immediate Replacement

05 November 2019

One of the most common facilities that people use outside of their homes is public toilets. Commercial establishments, like offices, factories, schools, museums, cinemas, restaurants, railways stations, and others, often provide these toilets ready to be used by anyone.

A public toilet used by the mentioned institutions and facilities has a different technology for flushing the water compared to the residential toilets. It uses flushometer flushing technology that is way more powerful than the technology used by our toilets at home.

Flushometer flushing technology has existed for a long time. Whenever a fully functional public toilet is flushed, it produces a huge stream of water flow in a much faster rate. The reason for this is that flushometer uses pressure to flush all the water out of the toilet. This is contrary to the residential toilets that use gravity to flush water.

The nature of public toilets being used by anyone for whatever purpose makes the flushing technology important in flushing down all the items received. This is why flushometer is ideal for public toilets since it is faster and saves a lot of water. Also, the waiting time between flushes is just a few seconds apart, making it perfect for places that are frequently crowded with people. So, whenever flushometers break down, it must be replaced immediately or else the following things may happen.

The Toilets Will Get Dirty and Insanitary

Flushing technology is very important in getting rid of wastes from the exposed toilets and urinals. Without the flushometer, there is a high chance that there is no water ready to flush the waste out of these toilets. This makes the toilet dirty and unsanitary when repetitively used, convincing people to find other functional public toilet.

Airborne Diseases Can Spread

Since water is not coming out of the toilet, the germs and other pathogens that came from the human waste are free to lurk around the vicinity. And as they survive longer, they can evolve into airborne diseases that can make people sick. Even without touching the toilet parts, people who are inside these toilets may acquire disease through air and then spread the disease outside these public toilets.

The Establishment May Build Bad Reputation

Leaving the toilets unfixed can turn the people off from using the facilities of an establishment. This heavily affects the reputation of the establishment, as people will perceive this as incompetence for the management’s part in maintaining cleanliness of vital facilities, especially the comfort room. Some customers, clients, and visitors may even send a report to the local authorities.

The Toilets’ Condition May Deteriorate

The lack of a fully functional toilet may be an early sign of poor maintenance, which may reflect directly to the other elements of a public comfort room. This makes the toilets unusable as other parts of them may also not work in the long run. Without water running in the toilet, all residues of human waste, with the addition of dirt and mould build-up, will eventually make your toilets physically deteriorate.

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