Why Backflow Prevention Should be a Top Priority in Manufacturing Industries

19 September 2019

All types of residential, commercial, and industrial properties and buildings have plumbing systems. However, unlike residential plumbing, commercial and industrial plumbing systems are more complex and require specialised plumbers to maintain them. One of the main concerns with all plumbing systems is backflow prevention; this is especially true for manufacturing industries.

In fact, backflow prevention should be top priority in manufacturing industries because these plumbing systems are typically connected to machinery, vessels, coolants, lubricants, and to drainage, with the possibility of contaminating not only fresh water systems but even the risk of reaching the environment and the public’s water supply.

There are many types of manufacturing industries in Australia that rely on specialised plumbers and plumbing systems, such as manufacturing plants and facilities that produce textiles, pharmaceuticals, tools, machinery parts, electronics, chemicals, steel, paper, and shipbuilding, to mention just a few.

While manufacturing industries have their own unique plumbing needs, which include varying water pressures, the main aspect of concern is backflow prevention.

Backflow Prevention in Manufacturing Industries

The best way to prevent potentially disastrous backflow from occurring in manufacturing plants and facilities is to have specialised licensed plumbers to maintain, diagnose, and repair plumbing systems and backflow preventers. Specialised plumbers can make sure that hazardous fluids, contaminants, and pollutants never enter fresh water supplies or open drainage that could reach the environment or the public’s water supply.

For example, industrial plumbers can determine the types and kinds of hazardous pollutants that could potentially contaminate a manufacturing facility’s water system, and then assist owners and management how to best protect against the possibility of disastrous backflow and backsiphonage.

Industrial plumbers are essential to manufacturing industries, as they can prevent hazardous backflow and backsiohonage that could contaminate the environment and other plumbing systems, which could also result in very costly legal liability issue.

Backflow prevention should be a top priority for manufacturing industries, which is why it is recommended to hire professional industrial plumbers for maximum protection.

G. Brand & Sons Plumbers – Manufacturing Industries Plumbing Specialists

For maximum protection against potentially disastrous backflow and backsiphonage, manufacturing industries should hire only licensed industrial plumbers to maintain plumbing systems, and to make sure that the correct backflow preventers are installed and functioning properly.

With over 90 years serving the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in Melbourne, G. Brand & Sons Plumbers are well-known leaders in the field, and we can assist you in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of plumbing systems to meet your company’s specific needs.

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