When is the Best Time to Replace Your Box Gutter?

15 February 2021

Box gutters are utilised by property owners when it comes to the removal of water from their respective properties. These components are usually located on roof surfaces. They are mostly lined with rubber, metal, and asphalt and are mostly concealed behind a parapet, eaves, or roof valley. The use of these materials allows box gutters to resist corrosion and other damaging elements.

But even with correct installation and regular maintenance, box gutters can still deteriorate in quality. They may even lose the ability to transfer accumulated rainwater away from a property, which can subsequently cause other problems on some of its parts.

If you currently have box gutters in your property, then here are some signs that tell you to finally replace them. After all, knowing these things can help you save more time and money later on.

Presence of Cracks

Box gutters can obtain cracks, holes, and rust spots due to their continuous exposure to outdoor elements. Some of these damages can be resolved by applying some sealant or by a little flashing. However, if the cracks, holes, and rust spots have already taken more than half of the box gutters’ surface, then it is time for you to replace them entirely.

Paint Peeling Off

Similar to other outdoor components, box gutters are often painted with substances that can further protect them from external elements. Once the exterior paint peels off the box gutters, then their internal surfaces are now exposed to elements that can damage them in the long run. Replacing your box gutters right away can help you keep the water away from your property.

Broken Fasteners

Fasteners are intended to attach box gutters to the roof. Fully functional box gutters can be easily connected to the roof with fasteners. However, if the fasteners continue to get broken even after installing them, then it is possible that your box gutters have already obtained some issues. Nails or screws that seem to be scattered on the ground can also be a sign of a broken box gutter.

Water Pooling

Box gutters are designed to move water away from your property. Hence, during rainfall, your box gutters should not spill any water. They should also not allow the occurrence of water pooling. However, if these things now occur more often than before, then you should replace them immediately to avoid spending more money in maintaining some other parts of your property.

Flooded Property

Somehow connected to water pooling, the presence of flooded property and eroded landscaping usually means that your box gutters have serious issues. Once these gutters lose the ability of sending water away from your property, then the water will just transfer to certain parts of your property. As water accumulates, it can easily cause erosion and flooding that are damaging to the property.

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