When a DIY Job Cannot Fix Blocked Sewers Anymore

15 June 2016

The majority of homeowners expect their sewer line to work properly day after day until a clog occurs in the line. When this happens, the homeowners typically search for the source of the problem first on their own to try DIY methods to unclog the pipes, if at all possible. Many times, though, these methods fall short of solving the problem in a correct manner. Let us examine the issue of blocked sewers closer and explain what you should do when your own efforts do not unblock your sewer line.

Various Causes and Preventative Measures for Sewer Blockage

Causes for a sewer blockage include excessive toilet paper down the toilet, grease buildup and tree roots through the main outside the house. You can help prevent these clogs from happening if you are careful about what and how much you flush down the toilet, avoid pouring grease down the drains and never plant trees directly over or near your sewer main. At times, even with preventive measures, though, you will still suffer clogged sewers.

Certain Sewer-Blockage Situations are Solvable With DIY Methods

Minor sewer blockage is simple to solve through plunging or utilising various methods of drain cleaning, which include strong chemical solutions, snakes to loosen the clogs or a natural mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Sadly, these methods do not work on 100 percent of the blocked sewers. You should never struggle too long with solving a clogged sewer on your own, as additional damage may occur that will result in a high repair bill. Read on to discover what to do when your DIY methods are not effective.

What to Do When DIY Methods Are Inadequate

When you try everything that you know how to try with a clog and nothing works or your issue is a severe one such as tree roots through your main outside, then you need to seek help elsewhere. Professionals will understand the best methods to utilise to unclog your sewer and perform repairs if necessary.

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