What is ECO-Plumbing

31 October 2014

What is ECO-Plumbing? ECO-Plumbing is a practice of plumbers to save their clients money by utilizing economic means to reduce maintenance and repair costs in residential and commercial properties. And, usually these types of plumber are also environmentally savvy in their profession. Water conservation is always on the mind of ECO-plumbers.

Water is the most important element in our homes and the most used from day to day. We use it used in everyday life for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes and cleaning just about anything. It is very important that most people unknowingly take it for granted. Instead, more attention needs to be brought towards the subject of water and where it comes from, and then efforts made to take care of it.

ECO-Plumbing Saves Water and Money

Due to the growing concerns with the environment, conserving water should always be in our mind. Water levels in depots, dams and water supplies sometimes fall short of expectation, and this is a concern of the government and should concern us as well. So, what should be done about it?

Individually, there is much people can do about it. In fact, there are unlimited ways to conserve water in your own home like making sure the water in your toilet doesn’t run, checking the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen for leaks, taking a shower instead of bath because it uses less water and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. There are many other ways innovative people have used to save water such as catching rain water and re-using it to wash clothing, water plants and clean dishes. A water catchment system is ideal for that use, and a Melbourne plumber can help install a water tank in your home.

It is our responsibility to conserve and save water, and make sure of its efficient use. Why? Because individually, collectively, people use the most water. It makes sense if you think about. If, more people can take measure to conserve water, then that will ensure we always have enough when needed. The first step to ensure you aren’t wasting water is by having your home inspected for leaks or potential leaks by identifying old or faulty pipes or faucets. A plumber can help you with that. One particularly friendly and ECO-plumbing company is G Brand and Sons Melbourne.

These ECO-plumbers can help you save water and money. How? By inspecting your home or business for devices that manage water. Damages to water devices such as sinks, pipes and drainage systems happen and much water can be wasted, which can cost you money. Below are examples of water devices that regulate water consumption that should inspected for damage to ensure these are functioning properly:

Thermostatic Mixing Valves — a device that mixes hot and cold water to make the right warm temperature.

Flushometer — a device that is commonly seen in public urinals and toilets. It controls the water flow to flush water into urinals and toilets.

Backflow — is a device that prevents unclean water from flowing back into the fresh water supply. This prevents contamination of clean water.

If you are concerned about conserving water and saving money, then call an ECO-plumbing company Melbourne to inspect your home or business’s plumbing. Call the friendly plumbers at G. Brand and Son, they have been in the business nearly a century and know everything there is to know about plumbing and saving water.

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