What is commercial plumbing?

03 March 2014

Commercial plumbing deals with more than just simple faucet and pipe installation and repair. Commercial plumbers are involved with the installation and maintenance of extensive waste removal and water supply systems for different forms of businesses and large housing complexes. The installation work of a commercial plumbing group may include the installation of drinking fountains, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, sprinkler systems, and water and sewer lines. When it comes to maintenance, the work performed by commercial plumbers includes fixing drain leaks and repairing burst pipes and broken water or sewer lines.

The installation of plumbing fixtures in business establishments generally requires more work than fixing home plumbing fixtures. For example, a shopping complex probably has several bathrooms and drinking fountains spread throughout the entire structure. Aside from bathrooms, a shopping centre would have many kitchen facilities and restaurants. Installing, repairing, and maintaining this very complex plumbing set up can be very challenging and will require a number of procedures.

The commercial plumber contractor is tasked to make sure that the establishment has functional water supply and waste drainage lines. During the installation, plumbers may have to excavate trenches and lay pipelines that link the structures piping system to the local water main and sewage system. Professional commercial plumbers practice great care in ensuring that the water supply system is kept safe from contamination.

When the exterior plumbing systems have been set up, the commercial plumber can begin with the plumbing setup of the building’s interior. Based on the establishment’s requirements, the plumber may install bathroom sinks and toilets, drinking fountains, kitchen sinks, and fire sprinklers. If it is a housing complex or a hotel, he may also be tasked to install water heaters and boilers, although these tasks are usually performed by a separate cooling and heating contractor.


Commercial plumbers need to apply all the appropriate safety measures. For example, he has to make sure that the kitchen drainage is working properly and that the drinking water lines are clean and free of contaminants. He has to be familiar with all applicable health codes and regulations for commercial establishments.

Commercial plumbers also perform maintenance work, an equally essential aspect his job. For instance, he has to make sure that the drainage is free from grease and other debris that may cause blockage in food service establishments. This is a common issue in most busy hotels and restaurants. The plumber may be called upon every now and then to clear greasy drains or to install special traps that prevent such blockages.

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