What Causes Flushometers to Keep Running?

26 February 2021

Restrooms are comprised of fixtures that allow people to get rid of their waste as well as clean themselves up. One of the fixtures that are always found in restrooms is toilets. Toilets are often connected to the plumbing system so they can easily eliminate all human wastes.

One part of the plumbing system that can help toilets perform their function is the flushometer. It is a plumbing device that relies on the water pressure from the water source itself in flushing the products of the toilet instead of relying on a water tank and gravity. Flushometers do not have tanks as opposed to the fixtures that have been used before and are mostly used in public restrooms.

Working Principles of Flushometers

Public restrooms that are found in commercial establishments and other public places utilise flushometers to get rid of the wastes and other contents of the toilet since people do not have to wait for any water tank to refill. Flushometers are often installed above the toilet bowl. As soon as they are activated, they would immediately release a certain amount of pressurised water to effectively wash out the urinals and flush the toilet content down the drain. Once finished, the flushometers will then close back up again.

Compared to conventional toilets, flushometers allow establishments to save water. With just a single flush, the flushometer can already clean the toilet through its lower-volume, higher-pressure stream. The activation mechanism of flushometers can also be pressed continuously so they can send out a continual stream of pressurised water to the toilets.

Causes of Running Flushometers

While flushometers can truly help toilets save time and water, they can still bring some inconvenience due to different causes. Some flushometers may start to not function, while others might close off right away. Flushometers that do not stop sending pressurised water to the toilets can also cause serious problems.

Running flushometers can be caused by the improper set-up of the relief valve. They can also be caused by the closed by-pass orifice due to the presence of foreign materials. A significant drop in the line pressure of the flushometers can likewise cause running flushometers.

Fortunately, running flushometers can be fixed by disassembling the parts and washing them properly. All control stops may also be shut off until the line pressure has stabilised. Replacing parts such as the relief valve and the inside cover can also fix the running problem. The diaphragm assembly can also be replaced if the previous solutions do not work.

Repair Services by G. Brand & Sons

If the flushometers in your restroom still have some problems, then feel free to contact us at G. Brand & Sons. We specialise in the service and replacement of flushometers for both commercial and residential properties throughout Melbourne. We perform routine maintenance on flusher tanks to maintain a clean water supply to the flushometers. We also carry a wide range of spare parts with us to get your facilities back up and running and often start early before opening hours to avoid staff and patron use.

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