What are the Most Common Reasons behind Burst Pipes?

28 January 2021

The pipes used for the plumbing system of a home or a building are intended to move elements towards or away from properties. Some pipes are intended to transport water towards properties, while others are designed to bring toilet water and other similar water away from properties. Given the functions of these pipes, property owners must check and maintain them regularly to avoid encountering some issues.

While most pipes are created out of durable materials, there are still instances where they would suddenly burst. Burst pipes normally require sudden emergency repairs and fixes as they may cause other problems as time passes by. Some of these pipes might even need to be replaced entirely.

Burst pipes can happen to any properties due to the following reasons.

Freezing Temperatures

As mentioned, pipes are normally fabricated out of reliable and durable materials. However, if the water inside the pipes starts to freeze due to extremely low temperatures, then the pipes will surely expand and obtain a significant increase in pressure. As time passes by, the accumulated pressure inside these pipes will begin to find an escape route, which would then cause the bursting of the pipes.

Build-up of Corrosion

Another reason behind burst pipes is the build-up of corrosion. Pipes, just like other structural components, can age and deteriorate over time. Pipes can burst unexpectedly once their surfaces have already corroded after years of using them. And as pH level of the water becomes imbalanced, the pipes would eventually corrode and deteriorate. After all, some minerals found on the hard water can easily destroy the coating of the pipes and subsequently expose the iron that can be found beneath the pipes. Once the pipes become narrower, they may suddenly burst anytime.

Blockage of the Pipes

The accumulation of the minerals that come from hard water can also cause bursting of pipes. The minerals can coagulate certain surfaces and areas of the pipes. With the presence of these minerals, the amount of water that flows towards the property may decrease over time. Worse, these minerals can crack the pipes and consequently burst them.

Movement of the Ground

Ground movements such as earth tremors and earthquakes can crack the pipes open. There are also instances where the ground can move up, down, or laterally due to heavy rains, which can likewise cause burst pipes. These ground movements can expose the pipes to forces that would easily break their surfaces, even though they are made from strong and robust materials.

With these conditions, pipes can be truly cracked open despite having the best material composition out there. Fortunately, burst pipes can be prevented with regular inspection and maintenance. To have your pipes checked, feel free to consult with us at G Brand & Sons. We have been servicing Melbourne’s domestic, commercial, and industrial plumbing, and maintenance needs for over 90 years.

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