Water Conservation Using Flushometers

12 April 2016

Conserving water has always been a good thing, not only for the economic benefits, but for the nature too. Basically, water conservation is about efficiently using water so as not to waste it, as well as save it for storage. In fact, controlling water flow is one of the most important things to consider in water conservation, making sure not to waste it unnecessarily. For example, in order to control unnecessary water flow in toilets, there are some plumbing devices to help do it efficiently, these are called flushometers.

What are Flushometers?

A flushometer is a kind of plumbing device made of metal that regulates water flow. It is commonly used in modernised toilets and urinals, which can be found in most public restrooms, such as malls and restaurants. Invented by William Elvis Sloan, a businessman dedicated to the plumbing industry, it is now an effective world-wide device that conserves water by regulating water flow, so that there is no unnecessary water usage.

How Does it Work?

The device works by releasing a metered amount of water, enough to properly flush toilets and urinals. Most of the water wasted in residential homes and commercial businesses happens in the bathroom, because old style toilets and urinals often overflow due to the flushing mechanism getting stuck or broken. This is a common occurrence in toilet tanks that use buoyancy and gravity to control and dispense water, unlike a flushometer that uses high water pressure to close the water gate, and then it closes automatically to save water.

While most flushometers are manually operated, there are electronically activated ones too.

What are the Benefits of a Flushometer in Your Home?

Ask yourself, how many times did you see your toilet tank or other toilet tank broken? Most everyone has seen that. Thankfully, a flushometer is more durable and reliable than toilet tanks, because it is made of metal and it is hardly enough to handle repetitive usage over many years, and there are less moving parts. Another benefit is that t uses less space, because there is no need for a toilet tank, interior designer can create stylish modernistic looks that appeal to commercial business, while giving homeowners more room in the bathroom to utilise for other purposes.

Using high pressure, water is dispensed immediately, thus eliminating the annoying wait for the toilet tank to refill before you can flush it again.

If you are concerned about water conservation, and you would like to enjoy the benefits of a flushometer, then contact us here at G. Brand & Sons Plumbers, we can help you start saving water today.

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