Warning Signs of A Potential Plumbing Disaster and How We Can Help!

29 April 2016

Plumbing problems are getting increasingly common for homeowners, especially the longer they live in their homes, from blocked drains to unusual flushing of the toilets, dealing with such issues is stressful. In fact, every homeowner would want to know the tale-tale signs of a plumbing disaster about to happen, and then get it repaired before it grows to into a serious problem for the whole family.

To help you identify warning signs, beforehand they develop into a plumbing disaster, G Brand & Sons Plumbing offers some helpful signs to watch-out for.

Sign 1: Nasty smells that do not go away.

No one likes bad smells, especially when they originate from the bathroom, but some people put off investigating the cause because of a busy schedule and lack of time to ‘deal’ with the issue. Fortunately, here at G Brand & Sons Plumbing, we can locate the source of bad kitchen and bathroom odours; these foul smells come from clogged and blocked drains, and the best solution is to have them cleaned and the obstruction removed.

Sign 2: Abnormal flushing.

Does flushing your toilet cause the water level to rise near the top of the bowl, before slowly draining? Do you have to flush it a few times? That isn’t normal and should be a definite sign that there is a problem. Even after people have used a plunger to get the water to flow again, the problem still persists. If this plumbing problem is left unresolved the toilet may overflow, and that is not a good thing to happen as exposure to ‘black water’ from the sewer is a health hazard.

A blocked sewer drain is the problem, often times people throw garbage into their toilets such as paper, female hygienic products, food, cotton and cigarettes are just a few of the many items our professional plumbers have discovered, over the last 90 years, in business while unclogging sewer drains.

Sign 3: Gurgling sound and bubbling.

Gurgling sounds and bubbling air from a slow draining kitchen or bathroom sink is another sign ‘something’ isn’t right with your drain. As with all the drains in your home, the origins of such strange noises is caused from a clogged drain pipe and you should call a plumber to have the obstruction removed before the flow of water stops all-together.

At G Brand & Sons Plumbing, we can help you fix any plumbing problem you have, to avoid a plumbing disaster such as blocked sewers, burst pipes, backflow occurrences and the interruption of hot water from happening. We service industrial, commercial and residential properties, our clients include hospitals, schools, churches, retail businesses, government buildings, factories, and shopping centres and homes. When you need help, you can count on G Brand & Sons Plumbing.

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