Understanding Your Septic System for Better Care and Maintenance

10 September 2016

If you have a septic system on your property, then understanding how it works will definitely help you to maintain it. Honestly, many property owners are unfamiliar with how a septic system works, not surprising because not everyone is a plumber. However, having a basic understanding will help you to know when trouble is developing, and then remedy it before any ‘real’ problems occur.

The best way to understand septic systems is to consider each section separately, starting from the septic tank, and then all the way back to the toilet in the bathroom.

Understanding Your Septic System

The septic tank – this is where the solid waste from your home goes. Inside the tank, a layer of scum floats on the surface of the water, while solid waste settles at the bottom. As new water and solid waste enters though a pipe, excess waste water exits off to a drain field/area. When the solid waste reaches a certain level, the tank then needs to be pumped out, the frequency is different from home to home, but a septic system maintenance service can recommend how often it is needed.

Water use – the amount of water that enters your septic tank matters because if too much fills the tank, before the solids settle to the bottom, the water will carry it out while draining, and that isn’t a good thing to happen. To prevent this from happening, make sure that water is not freely flowing into the toilet, you can do this by checking for a running toilet.

You can also consider installing a flushometer that will regulate the amount of water used to flush toilets, so that no chance of excessive water entering your septic tank is possible.

Causes of clogged drains – sometimes the toilet and sewer drains get clogged, and when that does happen, toilets and drains overflow into the home. Avoiding this from occurring is very simple, don’t flush anything non-biodegradable down the toilets, such as female products, cigarette butts, garbage or food.

Having a greater understanding of how a septic system works helps families to better care and maintain them. However, when leaky faucets or drains back up or overflow, it’s best to call a reliable plumber, G. Brand & Sons Plumbing.

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