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06 February 2023

In Melbourne, plumbing is a crucial part of any home or business because it allows you to get fresh water, dispose of waste, and access gas for your stove or heater. In other words, plumbing is needed for a lot of everyday tasks. Knowing the basics of your plumbing system can help you understand how damage can occur, identify problems, and determine when you need the help of an emergency plumber. You will better understand how to maintain your plumbing system’s safety and functionality if you familiarise yourself with the ideas presented in this blog. So, let’s get started!

What Are the Types of Plumbing Systems?

When attempting to comprehend your home’s utilities, there are several frameworks in plumbing systems to consider. This can help you understand what plumbers do and how your systems work by breaking down the ideas and components of plumbing. Here are the types of plumbing systems:

Wastewater and Freshwater

Two separate pipes connect each plumbing system. Fresh water for cleaning, washing, bathing, and drinking flows through one pipe from a reservoir or water tank to your home via a tap. After using this water, you can dispose of any leftovers down the other pipe. The other line is for flushing the leftovers of this water down the drain once you’ve finished using it. A binary system is connected to fixtures like your dishwasher, washing machine, shower, bath, and basin in every home water system. Clean and dirty water are kept separate thanks to their two separate pipes.

Gas and Water Plumbing

People find it hard to imagine that professionals who maintain, repair, and instal gasworks are identified as plumbers. We all know that water and gas are two different substances. However, the areas where they overlap reveal how many plumbers are also licenced to work with gas. Pipes, gas (to warm your water), tanks, water, bolts and wires, reading meters, and thermostats are used in both gas and water systems.

Hot and Cold Water

Water is frequently heated by gas, which is one reason gas and water are closely linked. Raw water is naturally cold unless it is heated. Plumbers will need access to your gas tank to produce warm water, allowing you to enjoy cold and hot water.

Domestic and Commercial Plumbing

Not all local plumbers in Melbourne provide both domestic and commercial services. Compared to domestic plumbing, commercial plumbing systems are larger and contain more components making them more complicated. Commercial plumbing is often considered more important because of the high volume of people using the business facility. When there is a problem, it is often necessary to shut down the entire commercial facility until the water system is fixed. Commercial plumbing may entail climbing high roofs, repairing dozens of toilets, and gaining access to underground connections.

Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne is proud to have the team, expertise, and experience necessary to offer both straightforward domestic and extremely complex commercial plumbing services. With over 90 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we can assure you that we only provide top-notch services, whether for domestic, commercial or industrial plumbing and maintenance. We also offer gas piping and fitting services.

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