Top 5 Reasons Why Your Water Supply Smells Bad

13 August 2020

Water is perhaps one of the most important things homeowners would want to get right. It helps families fulfill activities that require stable and clean water. Some of these activities include washing the dishes, doing laundry, watering plants, and taking a shower.

Most of the previously stated activities are done regularly. Therefore, any unusual changes in the condition of the water supply can be noticed right away. One great example of the said change in the water condition is the presence of bad, unusual odour. Water is naturally odourless. So, if it suddenly smells bad, then there might be some problem with the main water source, water treatment plant, plumbing system, and others.

If your water supply smells bad right now, then you may want to look out for the following possible reasons.

Dirty Plumbing System

Water that smells like sewage is caused by the accumulation of bacteria in your pipelines. An unmaintained plumbing system can gradually develop bacteria, algae, and fungi, which can subsequently alter the smell and taste of your whole water supply. Once you have sensed this type of smell, you must disinfect your water supply immediately to kill off all harmful elements.

Waterborne Bacteria

Waterborne, anaerobic bacteria in the drains and pipes can instantly feed on products like hair, soap, or leftover food. The interaction among these products will then lead to a water supply that smells like rotten eggs. While this type of water is not harmful, getting rid of the bacteria that cause the water to smell bad is still important. Water filtration and treatment products can be used in eliminating this type of bacteria.

Deteriorating Pipes

One of the reasons why your water supply smells bad is due to the presence of metal particulates. Zinc, iron, manganese, and lead are some metal particulates that may reach your water supply through the deterioration of water pipes. By the time the water reaches your household, you can easily notice its metallic odour. To resolve this issue, you may want to replace the deteriorating pipes and water heater.

High Chlorine Content

The smell of a newly treated swimming pool might be tolerable. However, common household activities like taking a shower or washing the dishes do not need water infused with too much chlorine as it can cause unpleasant side effects once it gets in contact with the skin. The source of this chlorine might come from water treatment systems. So, the only thing you can do is to use and install water filters.

Fuel Discharge

Water that smells like gasoline is caused by the fuel discharge from either an underground fuel storage tank or nearby properties. Whenever fuel leaks from these places, it might mix up with your main water supply. And once the contaminated reaches your taps and showers, you can instantly smell the fuel. Consuming fuel-infused water can cause cancer, liver damage, or kidney problems. Thus, you must contact your local health agency right away.

Most water supply that has foul odour can be dangerous for everyone’s health. Fortunately, professional plumbing companies can easily help households with this kind of problem. If your water supply smells bad, then contact us now at G. Brand & Sons so that we can help you assess, fix, or repair faulty parts of your plumbing system.

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