Things your plumber wishes you would not do

12 May 2014

Plumbers are homeowners’ unsung heroes, however, they are able to repair any plumbing problem you may have in your home, there are some things your plumber whishes you wouldn’t do. Plumbers share their plumbing stories with other plumbers, and what they talk about may surprise you. Listed below are some of the things your plumber wish you wouldn’t do, which you may not be aware that you’re doing.

Your Toilet isn’t a Trash Can

It may not surprise you to discover that ranked at the top of the list of things your plumber wishes you wouldn’t do is something that is the easiest things to avoid. And that is using the toilet as a garbage can. When plumbers talk about their plumbing stories to one another, clogged toilets are usually part of the conversation. Tampons, kitty litter, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, excessive toilet tissue, writing paper, cardboard and even small toys have been found clogging toilets everywhere.

Feminine hygiene products make up the bulk of items plumbers find clogging their customers’ toilets. Although make-up remover pads, tampons and tampon wrappers are small items, they can and do collectively build up in the sewage line. By simply placing a small trash bin in the bathroom next to the sink can prevent any paper products from finding their way into the toilet bowl.

Although most clogged toilets are easy to unclog, it does cost money to have a plumber come out to repair it. Ensuring that nothing goes into your toilet, other than what is meant to go in it, is the best way to prevent your sewer line from becoming clogged. The next things your plumber wishes you wouldn’t do are also easy to avoid.

Garbage Disposal Overloaded

Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days, however, while in a hurry to clean the dishes after meals, some folks overload their garbage disposals to get the job done faster. It’s true; a garbage disposal unit can handle a lot of garbage, but not all at once! Simply taking a few extra minutes to feed fibrous food slowly into the garbage disposal unit can prevent it from breaking.

Don’t use Drop-in Toilet Fresheners

These drop-in fresheners do more than freshen up your toilet. They often contain chemicals which actually wear-out the inner working parts in your toilet, and it’s just a matter of time before you will need to replace them. There are many more things your plumber wishes you wouldn’t do in your home, however, these listed above are the most common, and the easiest to avoid.

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