Thermostatic mixing valves for your home by G Brand & Sons

09 March 2015

G Brand & Sons has the expertise in improving water safety and hygiene in your home. With their proven track record, they offer a range of products like thermostatic mixing valves or TMVs that conform to safety standards and regulations. You can be assured that the approach of G Brand and Sons toward safety and hygiene in water distribution is top of its class.

Why are Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) important?

  • TMVs control the temperature of water to avoid accidental scalding. They maintain pre-set temperatures so the water is just the right temperature for showering, bathing and hand washing. Usually, victims of scalding are children and seniors because their skin is thinner and less tolerant to very high temperature. This can easily be prevented with the installation of TMVs
  • TMVs increase the amount of usable hot water up to 40%.
  • Water heaters can be set to a 60OC to prevent the growth of harmful organisms and TMVs control the temperature at the point of discharge to achieve safe water by mixing it with cold water.

Thermostatic valves are designed with one control for the water volume and another control for the temperature. You can set the limit for the temperature within the valve to make sure the water temperature is how you would like it to be.

On the negative side, TMVs are more expensive and can only be installed for one fixture only. So, for each fixture, you have to purchase one TMV. However, the advantage of installing thermostatic mixing valves outweighs the cost and worth the investment.

TMVs require proper installation, use and periodic inspection to make it is functioning properly. You can always count on G Brand & Sons to ensure that your TMVs are reliable and safe to use. They are compliant with safety standards and rules of the plumbing industry.

Aside from installing and maintaining thermostatic mixing valves, G Brand & Sons stands by their on time guarantee, product guarantee, tradesman guarantee, price guarantee and time frame guarantee on their other services such as backflow prevention, hot water services, mine and deep trench management to mention a few.

G Brand & Sons also specialise in metal roofing, servicing and replacement of flush valves and has been serving their clients for over 90 years. They cover domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing and are available to service you 24 hours a day. So if you need to have thermostatic mixing valves installed for your home and for your plumbing needs, please contact G Brand & Sons or visit their website

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