The Significance of Installing and Testing Backflow Prevention Devices

04 December 2020

Plumbing systems are designed to distribute potable or drinking water through a series of pipes and fixtures. Additionally, they are integrated with drainage systems that can remove waterborne wastes away from properties. These two functions allow residential and commercial buildings to easily enjoy clean water and effectively remove wastewater.

As mentioned, a series of pipes and fixtures are utilised for the distribution of clean water and the removal of wastewater. But aside from these elements, another set of devices that can help achieve these functions are backflow prevention devices. These devices are normally integrated into the plumbing system to ensure that the water flows only on one deliberate direction.

Installing Backflow Prevention Devices is Significant

Installing backflow prevention devices can be truly helpful for property owners. The presence of these devices can easily prevent the occurrence of backflow and its dreaded effects.

Backflow occurrences are common in households and other types of properties that do not have any protective devices. Without these devices, the water on their taps can be contaminated and hazardous since it has now mixed with foul water. Residents and those who are inside these properties may consume or may have already consumed water that is already contaminated by chemicals and waste materials. Prolonged exposure to this type of water can eventually lead to illnesses and even deaths.

The occurrence of backflow situations is tied to properties that have reduced water pressure on their pipelines. Water can generally move from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area. If the water pressure on a specific area is reduced, then the water will just go back to its initial location. With backflow prevention devices, they can effectively stop water from moving back into the wrong pipeline. They make sure that the water will be free from contaminants and particles that can be harmful and poisonous.

Importance of Testing Backflow Prevention Devices

The testing of backflow prevention devices is important due to numerous reasons. For one, tests over the effectiveness of backflow prevention devices are important as they are required by law. Noncompliance over the regulations set by the authorities can result in consequences and penalties that can be more wasteful than just following the law. And when getting them tested, they must be conducted by a licensed plumber with backflow accreditation to ensure they are assessed right.

And even if it is not required by law, testing of backflow prevention devices is still important since they can help prevent health hazards among those who consume water from taps. The presence of working backflow prevention devices can also reduce maintenance costs and other property problems. Safe and clean drinking water is guaranteed once backflow prevention devices are tested and work appropriately.

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