The Importance of Selecting the Right Gaskets for Plumbing

30 March 2018

Commercial, industrial, and even residential plumbing systems are complex, more than people realise. One of the main aspects that keep plumbing systems functioning properly are pipe gaskets, also known as flange gaskets. These are used to create an airtight seal in pipes and fixtures to prevent leaks. With that said, the importance of selecting the right gaskets for plumbing can’t be overstated.

Understanding the Function of Pipe Gaskets

To really understand why selecting the right gasket for plumbing is so important, it is best to know what vital functions gaskets serve in plumbing systems. Pipe gaskets are made from various materials such as graphite and rubber to meet specific needs. Flange gaskets are available as either ring type (no holes for bolts), or full faced (with holes for bolts).

Full face gaskets are easy to identify, as they have holes for bolts drilled through the gasket material. Ring type, also known as inner bolt circle gaskets (IBC) are raised faced gaskets with no holes drilled into them and simply sit within the circle of bolts. There are many other types of pipe gaskets for commercial and industrial applications, but professional commercial plumbers are strictly assigned to maintain those types of plumbing systems.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Gaskets for Residential Plumbing

Residential plumbing systems, however, are a shared domain with DIY plumbing projects ventured by property owners, handy men, and licensed professional plumbers. While residential plumbing is not as complex as commercial and industrial plumbing systems, choosing the right gaskets are just as important.

Because pipe gaskets are designed to meet specific shapes, water pressure, and purposes, with the right amount of torque applied, not knowing the right type of gasket to buy for a DIY plumbing project could spell trouble; trouble that can end up costing a considerable amount of money.

Basically, when the wrong gasket is installed to connect piping, it may not secure an airtight seal and leaking can result. For this reason alone, it is always wise to consult a professional licensed plumber, rather than risk putting faith in a handyman, or attempt to undertake a DIY plumbing project, this is especially true when dealing with gas pipes.

Even when the correct gaskets are bought, if they are not properly set or installed, they may not function properly and can become dried and cracked, and then need replacing sooner than expected. Whether it is the wrong gaskets used to join pipes, or the right gaskets not set properly, problems can develop that could lead to leaking, resulting in the need to make an emergency plumbing repair call.

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