The Importance of Proper Plumbing and Drainage Structure and Maintenance in School Facilities

22 March 2018

All types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings need proper plumbing and drainage structure and maintenance done on a regular basis, especially school facilities. Actually, school buildings need regular plumbing maintenance more often than other types of buildings. The reason for this is to maintain high levels of hygiene for schools’ population of children, by ensuring that water is always available and that drainage structures function properly.

Basically, schools typically use more water than other types of facilities each month, especially for large schools that have over 600 students. The importance of proper plumbing and drainage maintenance can’t be over stated as schools have more piping systems and drains than multi-unit residential properties and commercial buildings, with hospitals and medical facilities being the exceptions.

Because schools have complex plumbing and drainage systems, only qualified and licensed commercial plumbers with experience should be hired to maintain and repair them.

Qualified Plumbing Services and Drainage Structure Maintenance for Schools

Because of the importance of proper plumbing and drainage structure and maintenance in school facilities, school administrators should hire only the best and most experienced plumbers in Melbourne. This is especially true for multi-story school buildings, as they are even more complex than single story school buildings and require plumbers with experience with multi-level plumbing and drainage installation and repairs.

For all sizes of schools, school facilitators can rely on G. Brand & Sons – professional plumbers in Melbourne for over 90 years. With the best plumbers in the industry, there is no plumbing problem that G. Brand & Sons can’t handle. Our extensive experience with school plumbing systems and drainage structures, we can guarantee that all plumbing maintenance, and any needed repairs, are on schedule and will not disturb the day-to-day operations of schools.

Avoid Plumbing Problems that Could Disrupt Classes and Close Schools

Plumbing and drainage problems can happen unexpectedly if plumbing maintenance is irregular. Disruption in water service or improper functioning of drains can cause classes to be cancelled and schools to close, such as when restrooms are not working because of the non-functioning sewage system.

Schools can avoid most plumbing problems by scheduling regular plumbing maintenance and inspections. Professional plumbers can identify any potential problems with plumbing and drainage systems, and then correct them, thus preventing any unexpected disruption of classes or the day-to-day activity of schools.

G. Brand & Sons plumbing services for schools also include the following:

    • Unblocking sewer drainage lines
    • Backflow prevention
    • Maintenance of hot and cold water systems
    • Rainwater harvesting systems
    • Installation of water tanks
    • Installation of water filtration systems
    • Repairing and replacing burst pipes
    • Thermostatic mixing valves
    • Maintaining gutters and downpipes

The Best Brand in Plumbing – G. Brand & Sons

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