The Importance of Plumbing Inspection When Buying a Home

10 May 2017

Just like buying anything, whether it is new or second-hand, inspection is essential, this is especially true if it is a home purchase. No one would want to acquire something with defects and problems, that is why having a plumbing inspection done before buying a home is so important because if there are problems or repairs needed, these cannot be readily seen, and can be overlooked easily.

Basically, the most common problems associated with home ownership are usually related to plumbing problems, and, there is nothing more frustrating than buying a home and then later discovering that the plumbing needs to be repaired in multiple places. With that said, the importance of plumbing inspection when buying a home can’t be over stated.

How Plumbing Inspection Can Save You from Financial Headaches

Plumbing inspection will definitely save you from any existing or hidden and potential plumbing problems. This is definitely a subject that some home sellers don’t want to discuss, but that you need to know because plumbing problems can cause leakage, bad odour, clog pipes and drains, to name just a few.

Professional plumbing inspection will allow you to fix problems associated with the house. As well as communication and coordination with the house seller. Identification or problems can make you reconsider if you really want the house or not. If you really want it, you can use your finding from the plumbing inspection to re-negotiate about the overall price of the property.

Basically, plumbing inspection involves a thorough check of a home’s piping system, including under the house, sewer lines and drains. Water pressure is also tested, and water is allowed to flow through drains to discover any leaks or potential blockages. A visual assessment is also done using a CCTV camera that can reach between walls, inside drains, and around pipes or tight cornered areas that are hard to reach.

Plumbing Inspection Service by G. Brand & Sons Plumbers

A proper plumbing inspection should must be done by trained and experienced plumbers, such as G. Brand & Sons Plumbers – a leading plumbing company in Melbourne that specialises in commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing. So, if you are planning to purchase a home, don’t risk any unexpected surprises; have a professional home plumbing inspection conducted to make sure your potential new home is free of any unexpected plumbing problems.

The Best Brand in Plumbing – G. Brand & Sons

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