The Importance of Body Corporate Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

26 July 2017

Body corporate commercial properties are designed to accommodate customers and clientele. Because of this, their spaces are frequently used for business-related functions like storage, retail, food preparations, and various others. Sadly, commercial spaces have the tendency to forgo the maintenance of their plumbing in favour of investing more into outward presentations of their business, such as advertising, customer service, and interior design.

What many property owners and managers can easily overlook while running a success businesses is to realize is that poor plumbing is detrimental to any corporate property and its business related functions. For this reason, it is important to have corporate body commercial plumbing maintenance and inspection scheduled.

Consequences of Poor Plumbing Maintenance

Here are some of the potential problems of poor corporate body commercial plumbing maintenance:

  • Structural damage. Poor plumbing maintenance can result in increased blockages and leaks, which if left unchecked will eventually lead to property damage and reduced structural integrity, such as walls and floors may crack from moisture or from the pressure of bursting pipes.
  • Destruction of furnishings and equipment. When the integrity of a commercial building is compromised, the safety of furnishings and equipment is also at risk since these are likely to be exposed to moisture coming from leakages.
  • Costly repairs. Basically, poor plumbing ruins commercial properties, equipment, and other stored items. As a consequence, costly repairs and replacements will be needed to make up for any damages or losses.
  • Safety and health risks. Employees and customers are also at an increased risk to mold and mildew exposure, as moister from leaking pipes can create an ideal environment for these to grow. Also, leaks coming from drainage systems can cause water to accumulate on flooring, and that can cause people to slip and fall.
  • Negatively effects business. At the end of the day, the profitability of commercial spaces depend on the performance of employees, as well as customers’ shopping experience. Any sign of bad plumbing can ruin a corporate body’s brand reputation, and could even prevent customers from coming back to the commercial property. In fact, poor plumbing maintenance can even reduce the efficiency and productivity of an office workforce.

Why Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Is Important

Body corporate settings can greatly benefit from commercial plumbing maintenance because it ensures the comfort and safety of both customers and employees. Moreover, it saves money by preventing damage to the building, and any equipment, furniture, and electronic devices.

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