The Harmful Effects of A Blocked Sewer Line

30 May 2022

When doing general cleaning for your home, you must ensure that all places are inspected and cleaned. One neglected area can cause a serious health risk and these are the things that you must prevent from happening. The most commonly neglected part when cleaning is the sewer line. A blocked sewer means dirty water because of the accumulated dirt, grease, and objects in the drainage system. This is why you need to know the adverse effect of a blocked drainage system on your health. A blocked sewer line has a lot of harmful effects including the following;

Poses Serious Health Risk

Accumulation of dirt and objects in the sewer line system can block the sewer line and disrupts the free flow of water. Due to the dirt and objects stuck in the internal portion of the sewer line, water contamination will result because of the growth of bacteria inside the sewer line. And we all know that a contaminated water supply is not good for consumption. Consumption of contaminated water poses a serious health risk, and it is one of the most harmful effects of a blocked sewer line that you should not allow to happen in your home.

Weakens Home Structure

Another harmful effect of a blocked sewer line is the weakening of your home structure due to flow back. Flow back commonly happens because of the blockage in the sewer line that causes the water to flow back. Flow back can eventually cause cracking and leaking due to the uncontrollable water pressure and causes the water to escape and flow through the crack and leak. If such cracks and leaks are neglected, then it could be at risk of burst pipes and flooding which can weaken your home structure.

Attracts Pests and Moulds

A blocked sewer line attracts pests and moulds which can be the possible reason for the foul odour spreading in the sewer line opening. The presence of pests and moulds inside the sewer line is not just bad for your plumbing but for your health too.

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