The Advantages of Proper Maintenance of Thermostatic Mixing Valves

14 July 2015

Showers with automated thermostats are a near indispensable luxury that many folks have gotten used to, and some people simply cannot be without. For most people, thinking about a shower with built-in hot and cold taps is something that is hardly considered, it is just expected. Most homeowners don’t even bother to think about, much less worry about their thermostatic mixing valves, mostly because maintaining a home has innumerable other concerns. However, the proper maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves is an important part of home plumbing.

Fortunately, there is better and far more advanced technology out there, among them thermostatic mixing valves that truly revolutionises the hot-and-cold shower tap option of yesteryear.

Newer thermostatic mixing valves do away with the often unpredictable aspect of typical hot-and-cold tap options, and yet, even for its revolutionary nature, these are still not foolproof. As with any industrial or technological marvel, thermostatic valves require some degree of maintenance, and should be kept in tip-top shape in order to operate efficiently for longer periods of time.

If you’re fortunate enough to have converted to thermostatic shower valves in lieu of standard hot-and-cold taps, here’s why maintenance will do you a ton of good:

Thermostatic Valves – Reasons Why Maintenance is Necessary

1. Prolongs the life of your thermostatic valve – Without maintenance, any industrial tool will eventually wear off and become faulty, and valves are no different. If your thermostatic valves are maintained, then you can expect years of longer and lasting service out of them than if you simply left them alone.

2. Added efficiency – A well-maintained device will also invariably be more efficient than a device that has years of accumulated use and damage. Not only will this equate to better performance, but it will help you to sleep better at night knowing it is one less thing in the home to worry about.

3. Undeniable savings – While regular maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, regularly inspecting your thermostatic mixing valves by a professional plumber will actually cost less than replacing them later. All in all, commercial and residential property owners benefit by regularly maintaining all aspect of their properties’ plumbing, including the thermostatic mixing valves.

So, regular maintenance of your thermostatic mixing valves prolongs its life, saves money in the long-run, and assures the efficient flow of hot and cold water.

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