Telltale Signs that Your Septic Tank Needs to be Pumped

13 September 2021

The septic system of a property plays a crucial role in maintaining its cleanliness and orderliness. With this specific system, it can easily treat and dispose of wastewater that would come from the toilet, bath, kitchen, laundry, and other similar locations.

For the system to work effectively, it must have components that are maintained effectively. The septic tank, which is part of the said system, is a huge rectangular or cylindrical container that is designed to separate solids from the wastewater, store and somehow decompose solid materials, and allow the liquid to traverse towards the septic drain field. The presence of a septic tank prevents the drain field from getting clogged and minimises costly repairs by the property owners.

A septic tank can work for a long time since it is made from durable materials. However, there will be times where it needs to be pumped for it to continue working. If you think your septic tank needs to be pumped, then here are some tell-tale signs to watch out for.

Slow Wastewater Drainage

The speed of the wastewater drainage must be swift so that the contents of your toilet, sink, and others will not spill or overflow. Once you flush your toilet and that the wastewater takes too long to drain out, then your septic tank needs to be checked and pumped right away. Your septic tank likewise requires immediate pumping if your shower area or sink takes a very long time to be fully drained out of water. Having these occurrences on your property is not only irritating, but it can also affect your daily activities. You must hire professionals when pumping the septic tank so they can also assess its condition.

Wastewater Backing Up

Another tell-tale sign that requires pumping of septic tank is the backing up of wastewater into your property. Generally, wastewater and sewage must all be drained down the toilet, sink, and other similar elements in your property. But if the wastewater backs up right away, then your septic tank may be already full. Your septic tank may already be filled with elements that prevent more wastewater from getting drained. Hence, the septic system would just bring the sewage back to your property, which you can confirm by the presence of black water and sludge in the bottom of your shower and tub.

Problems with the Lawn

One more tell-tale sign that can confirm the need of pumping your septic tank is the occurrence of lawn problems. Your lawn should not be filled with puddles if it has not rained. But if it does, then the wastewater from your septic system may have backed up. The existence of one or more puddles on your lawn can likewise happen if the sewage from your septic tank has pooled outside it and subsequently rose to the lawn surface. If these problems exist, then you may want to call some professionals and have them check and pump your septic tank.

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