Tank Desludging Services in Melbourne: Why Health and Safety is Important?

31 January 2019

For homes and properties that are not hooked up to a public sewage line, scheduled tank desludging services are important for maintaining health and safety. On most properties, wastewater from bathrooms, the laundry room, and the kitchen, flow into septic tanks. While septic tanks can be constructed from various materials, such as concrete, metal, and heavy-duty plastic, the amount of storage capacity for solid wastes is limited.

Because of the limited storage capacity of septic tanks, it is important to have them cleaned and desludged regularly. There are three layers that develop in functioning septic tanks. The top layer, which consists of organic solids that float on the surface of the tank referred to as “scum”. The bottom layer, consisting of inorganic solids that sinks and builds up at the bottom is called “sludge”. And the middle liquid layer between these is called the “effluent.”

Removing the effluent from septic tanks is a quick and easy process, but as time passes, sludge buildup takes up more and more of the storage capacity of tanks, and needs to be removed before it becomes a health and safety risk.

Health and Safety Importance of Tank Desludging Services

It is vital to have your septic tank serviced regularly to avoid potential health and safety problems, such as excessive scum and sludge buildup that cam cause a tank to overflow. When sludge and scum are allowed to build up, these can cause pipes to get clogged, resulting in overflow that will cause a health hazard, which is why tank desludging services are so important.

Microorganisms and parasites that cause disease are abundant in sewage effluent, and to prevent the risk of tank overflow, it is required to clean and drain septic tanks when they reach 70 percent capacity. Septic tank inspection is also advised at least once every 12 months, to determine the health of the tank and to protect you and your family from overflow exposure.

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