Symptoms of a Bad Hot Water Mixing Valve

12 December 2018

Taking a hot shower is definitely a luxury that people look forward too after a long day, and when there is a disruption or an inconsistency in the output of hot water, or an unexpected drop in water pressure, it can make showering both uncomfortable and ineffective.

If your shower is not performing as it should – water pressure and water temperature is not consistent or reliable, then the problem just might be a bad hot water mixing valve. To help determine if this is the case, here are some symptoms of a bad hot water mixing valve you should look out for:

There is no hot water – there are few things worse than going to take a warm shower after getting up in the morning only to find that there is only cold water. If there is no hot water coming out of your shower, only cold water, then the problem is not the water supply, the issue could be with either your water heater or a bad hot water mixing valve.

Low water pressure – if the water pressure in your shower is not as strong as it used to be, especially when you try to increase the hot water, then the problem could be a clogged hot water mixing valve. It is possible to remove the hot water mixing valve to clear the clog, but often times it is better to replace it, as bad hot water mixing valves tend to become corroded and damaged over time.

The shower drips – if the water is completely turned off and warm water is dripping from your shower head, then it could be that your hot water mixing valve has a problem. The mixing valve ball may not be seated properly in the valve’s stem, and water is escaping. Replacing the mixing valve is the best solution.

Inconsistent hot water – older model hot water mixing valves can begin to fail to correctly control water temperature as they age with use, and may lack newer temperature balancing features that can effectively maintain any fluctuations in water temperatures that occur within the plumbing system.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of a bad hot water mixing valve, then it is advised to contact a local plumber in Melbourne, such as G. Brand & Sons Plumbing – specialists in the testing and installation of hot water mixing valves for showers, baths, sinks, and washing basins.

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