Six Signs of Sewer Line Clogging

22 November 2019

Most households today take advantage of their sewer line that is hidden underneath their properties. And with a functional sewer line, it helps them drain all the water that is used when they take a shower, wash dishes, and other activities. However, if a sewer line underneath is starting to clog, it would normally take weeks or even months before the property owners notice the impending predicament.

Believe it or not, clogging in sewer lines can cost us a lot. Leaving our sewer lines clogged can affect our day-to-day chores and activities, as well as our own health. So, if you want to know if your sewer line is starting to clog, then take note of these six signs. These signs will help you act as fast as you can.

Your Draining Speed is Getting Slow

A small clog in our drain pipes can affect the draining speed of our sinks, bathtub, or toilet, and the usual remedy for this is to use a plunger to extract or obliterate the clog. However, if a plunger couldn’t do anything about the slow drain, this means that your sewer line has a serious clogging issue. Without any solution, your draining speed will deteriorate as days pass by, which can lead to a sewer backup.

Your Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures are Backing Up

Sewer backup poses a major problem since the water that should be in the sewer line is going back to our properties. The water that is going back to our bathroom and kitchen sink poses a risk to our health since the drained water is comprised of materials manifested by germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements. The repetitive occurrence of sewer backups means that your sewer lines are broken or are starting to age and deteriorate.

Your Property is Starting to Smell Funny

Perhaps, the most evident sign of a sewer line clogging is the presence of foul odour from your sewer. When your sewer line has started to clog, some waste will accumulate in a certain area. Additionally, the smell from these wastes will get worse since they are jammed in a specific area of the sewer. Aside from your sinks, bathtub, and toilet, this foul odour can also be smelled in random parts of your property. From a simple clog, your sewer line may have also manifested cracks since the smell have leaked out everywhere.

Your Property has Moulds

Aside from odour, the growth of moulds in your property is an obvious sign of sewer line clogging. Since moulds only need a humidity level of more than 55%, they are expected to sprout in portions of your property that has the mentioned condition. Your walls and ceilings, where your sewer lines are positioned before going underground, can be a perfect brewing space for moulds. Moulds are dangerous to human health, so a fix on your sewer problem is necessary.

Your Yard becomes Soggy

Even after long exposure to the sun, some portion of your yard may still be wet and soggy. Such characteristics of the yard entail the need to fix the sewer line as the clogged water may both benefit and harm the plants in your yard. The waste materials from the sewer can provide fertiliser to your beloved plants. However, different types of bacteria can be harmful and deadly to the plants in the long run. Moreover, parts of your yard that are affected by the sewer line problem may sink and appear uneven when compared to the regular ones.

Your Water Bill Has Increased

One economic change that sewer line clogging can make is through your water bill. A clog or leak in your sewer pipes requires you to use more water than the usual. More water usage translates to an increased water bill.

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