Sewer Backflow Prevention Devices

23 March 2015

Backflow is a plumbing term for an undesirable flow of water in the reverse direction. It is a costly and serious health risk that residents deal with every year. Basically, there are two types of backflow; sanitary sewer backups and storm water backups. Sanitary sewer backups are when sanitary sewer lines back up into houses through drain pipes. These types of backups cause damage that is expensive and difficult to repair plus creates severe health hazards. Storm water backups are when storm water enters your basement through window wells, doors and cracks or from an overburdened sump pump system.

Prevention of Sanitary Sewer Backups

In order to prevent the horrible disaster of a sanitary sewer backup, sewer backflow prevention devices are a prerequisite. They are used to safeguard potable water supplies from contamination or pollution caused by backflow.

In your water supply, water is typically maintained at a certain pressure to allow water to flow from the tap, shower and other devices. When a water main bursts due to pipes freezing or an unanticipated high demand of water, the pressure is reduced or stops working altogether. In turn, the reduced pressure may permit contaminated water to be drawn up into the system.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to prevent sanitary sewer backups is with backflow prevention devices. In effect, they are highly efficient and stop contaminated water from entering into your water supply. Backflow prevention devices provide you the assurance of quality water for drinking, bathing and food processing.

Tips for Protecting your Home or Business from Sewer Backflow

There a three effective strategies for preventing expensive sewer backups into your home or business. In truth, these basic tips will save you the excessive costs and health hazards of a sewer backflow.

Sewer System Maintenance: With regular and proper maintenance you can avoid most common sewer problems. It is recommended that you have an experienced and licensed plumber perform routine maintenance. A professional can check for hidden issues, blockage, make sure that valves are working and install a backflow prevention device if needed. In the long run, regular and proper maintenance will save you a whole lot of grief and money.

Choose and Plant Trees Carefully: The roots of trees can play havoc on your sewer system causing blockage and backflow. Make sure and plant trees with minimal root systems and a safe distance from your system.

Consider Installing a Backflow Prevention Device: A backflow prevention device will allow water and materials to escape rather than flow into your home or business. By installing an applicable device you will protect your home from risks of water contamination and damage.

Sewer Backflow Prevention Sewer Sevices

When it comes to installing sewer backflow prevention devices you want a qualified and experienced plumber. The leading plumbing business in the Victoria and Melbourne area is G. Brand & Sons Plumbers. With over 90 years in the plumbing industry you can be rest assured that the installation of your sewer backflow prevention device will be done properly the first time. In fact, G. Brand & Sons Plumbers guarantees all their work and have licensed plumbers to install, test and maintain backflow prevention devices.

Additionally, G. Brand & Sons Plumbers is a member of Green Plumbers Australia and the Master Plumbers Association assuring you a watertight guarantee of quality. As well, they are OH&S certified to the Aust/NZ 4801:2001.

G. Brand & Sons Plumbers guarantees to be on time and stay within you budget. They also provide fast same day services for emergencies and backflow prevention.

The Best Brand in Plumbing – G. Brand & Sons

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