Safety and Health Benefits of Using Backflow Preventers

24 March 2016

The basic necessities in life are water, shelter and food; clean water being the most important aspect of basic human health, without it, people wouldn’t live long. Today, modern plumbing is literally everywhere, and the needed water for homes and business is delivered through municipal piping to all types of buildings, properties of every kind industry.

Once water reaches a property, it can become contaminated with organic waste from sewers and drains. This can happen when pipes become damaged and foreign materials enter and mix with the flow of water, or when wastewater finds its way into your clean water supply when backflow occurs.

Health Benefits of Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are modern plumbing devices that help keep people safe, away from harmful chemicals, bacteria and germs from organic waste that is found in wastewater. While an industrial backlow preventer may protect your neighbourhood’s water supply, your home’s plumbing needs to be protected with its own backflow preventer, so that wastewater from your sewer line and drains do not contaminate the fresh water line.

When it does, you will know it by the unpleasant smell. This is a potentially serious unhygienic situation, especially if left unresolved that can be detrimental to the health and well-being of both you and your family. Ultimately, without a blackflow preventer, this can happen when a home’s plumbing pressure drops and water reverses direction; entering the fresh water line that you use for drinking, bathing and washing your clothes.

There are older homes and commercial properties that still do not have backflow preventers, and that’s not good, because these protect fresh water lines from wastewater contamination when water pressure drops unexpectedly. Once property owners discover this, the first thing that pops into their minds is obvious; is there a backflow preventer installed in the house? If you are not sure, or you honestly just don’t know if your property actually has such a plumbing device, not to worry, there is an easy way you can find out.

Here at G. Brand & Sons Plumbers, we can help determine if you have a backflow preventer in your home or on your property, and then check to see if it is working properly or not, or have one install if needed. Besides our backflow prevention service, we offer complete 24 hour residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services. Plumbing Melbourne for over nine decades, G. Brand & Sons is a name you can trust.

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