Safer Water System with Backflow Preventers

09 August 2016

Water is life, and drinking clean, safe water is paramount to one’s health. That is why backflow preventers – special plumbing devices – are a necessity in every home, or in any building where humans use pumped in water to bathe, cook, clean or drink because these prevent contamination of a property’s water system. Basically, it’s a device that prevents backward flowing water from entering the main water system that people will use.

As municipal governments are committed to providing their residence with water, it is the property owner who is committed to keeping the water received clean for human use. This is done by ensuring the backflow preventer is in good working order, and if it needs to be replaced soon, then the sooner the better because nothing good comes from backflow in a home’s water system.

Dangers of Backflow

If you are concerned about the quality of your home’s water, and you want a safer water system, then preventing backflow should be your top concern. Backflow in a water system is a serious health hazard, thankfully, the cause of backflow can easily be avoided by preventing low water pressure in your water system which is how backflow happens.

It is when downstream water pressure inside the home’s water system drops, it causes a reverse flow, which can allow backflow of blackwater into the water that is used for such things as bathing, cooking and drinking. Backflow preventers, if maintained, will keep a water system safe.

Maintaining Backflow Preventers for a Safer Water System

Just like any part of a building’s plumbing, a backflow preventer needs to be maintained, as does the drains and drainage system. By doing this – inspection of your water system and having it maintained by a professional plumber, property owners and manager can rest easy knowing the water they use is good enough to drink.

Whether it is for residential or commercial needs, backflow preventers should be tested once a year, as well as the drainage system, to make sure that no contaminated water will enter into your water supply. So, if you want to make sure you have a backflow preventer, and it is working as it should, then you can feel free to call G. Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne.

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