Restaurant Plumbing System: The Importance of Proper Maintenance and Management

27 September 2017

One of the biggest mistakes that new restaurant owners make is overlooking the importance of proper maintenance of their plumbing system. Although plumbing is not usually on top of one’s the mind, effective management of a plumbing system plays a vital role in commercial spaces.

Considering that a busy restaurant can serve hundreds of tables on a busy evening, any disruption in either water service or drainage flow can be disastrous. Without water or proper drainage flow, a restaurant cannot operate and will have no choice but to close until plumbing is restored. With that said, the proper maintenance and management of a restaurant’s plumbing system cannot be over emphasised.

Here are the top reasons that plumbing maintenance and management should be your top priority.

When Sink Drains Cannot be fixed Quickly

What do you do if a sink drain gets clogged on a busy day and it cannot be fix immediately? You will have to call a plumber and ‘hope’ they get there as soon as possible. Until then, there is almost nothing you can do for the entire evening. If the kitchen sinks go down, whether the drain gets clogged or there is a disruption in water flow, the restaurant will not have clean plates or glasses. Is there any other reason more important for taking measures to properly maintain and manage the plumbing system of restaurants?

When Bad Odours from the Washroom Reach the Dining Area

The problem with washrooms in restaurants and hotels is when they are used frequently by customers, and then breakdown. Basically, a smelly bathroom can quickly impact a business’s reputation in a negative way. It’s not uncommon for new restaurant owners and managers to neglect potential washroom plumbing issues because they are often so focused with the menu, the ambiance, and other details of running a business.

Frankly, nobody likes to dine at a place that has bad odours coming from the restroom drains, or that has toilets and urinals that are out of service. No matter how good the food is, plumbing system problems in restrooms can be disastrous to any restaurant or hotel.

Professional Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

There is little doubt about why plumbing maintenance and management should be a priority for most commercial spaces, especially for restaurants and hotels. That is why finding a reliable plumber is so important, like G. Brand & Sons. They can makes sure that the plumbing system in your restaurant is in good shape and working properly, so that there are no last-minute surprises that could jeopardise the good reputation of your business.

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