Reasons Why Flushometers Are the Ideal Choice for Public Toilets

19 August 2015

When it comes to public use toilets, specifically public toilets, conventional means of waste disposal and an average drainage and flushing system simply does not suffice. Why is that? Well, one of the most problematic areas for any number of public facilities tends to be the bathroom areas, mainly the toilet stalls.

This is due in part because of outdated and second-rate methods of waste disposal that are still being used. These lack the standardised industrial-variety flush mechanisms which any public use toilets should have equipped, in order to maintain the utmost in efficiency and sanitation.

Flushometers for Public Toilets

One of the most popular industrial-grade flushes available in the market today is the flushometer. Invented by one William Elvis Sloan, it employs water pressure that is gleaned from a pre-existing water supply in order to flush waste away into either a septic tank, or directly into a structure’s preset sewage system.

Unlike most traditional flushes, flushometers for public toilets are specifically designed for heavy duty use. Most flushometers feature a single-action push or pull lever that immediately sends a jet of pressurised water into a spin-cycle flushing action that effectively eliminates waste instantaneously. This guarantees thorough waste disposal without the need for a secondary flush.

Because of the high water pressure that it employs, flushometers ensure that there is no chance of clogging, and that all waste is flushed out thoroughly. Some ‘new-and-improved’ versions of the flushometer even have additional functions, or otherwise feature design innovations that incorporate everything from reclaimed water systems to water-saving systems that discern between liquid and solid wastes. Some flushometers even have the additional advantage of being specifically made to withstand hard water.

The innovations that have been employed for the advancement of flushometers do have certain drawbacks, albeit very minor ones. Because of the amount of water pressure necessary to properly operate a flushometer, irrespective of type, areas where water pressure tends to be somewhat intermittent may experience problems with them. Still, because most modern toilets have consistent access to water lines, unlike the toiletry facilities of yesteryear, such problems are nothing more than a thing of the past.

If you are a property manager or owner of a commercial business that requires a fast, efficient, long-lasting, and dependable toiletry system that ensures the utmost in waste disposal and cleanliness, then G. Brand & Sons Plumbing can install flushometers for your public use restrooms.

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