Reasons Why Commercial Property Owners Must Know About Backflow Hazards

14 July 2020

Commercial property owners must carefully manage and maintain all their utilities so that their daily operations will not be hampered by unexpected disruptions and unnecessary expenses. One of the utilities that they must manage is their plumbing system.

The plumbing system plays a pivotal role in removing waste, performing the functionalities of HVAC equipment, and managing water delivery to different parts of the commercial property. A prominent issue with the plumbing system is the occurrence of backflow. Backflow is the sudden reverse of water or liquid flow from the properties back to the pipelines. The presence of backflow in the commercial environment can be alarming since it can affect the whole line of water supply in a specific neighbourhood.

Knowing the causes of backflow and its hazards will give commercial property owners a clear perspective about the significance of certain measures in maintaining the whole plumbing system.

The Principles Behind Backflow Events

The water in a plumbing system is typically categorised into three primary categories: potable, grey, and black. Potable water is clean water that can drink safely. Grey water, on the other hand, has certain chemicals that are not safe for human consumption. However, this type of water can still be used for watering plants. Ultimately, black water is hugely contaminated by faecal matter and other contaminants, making it not safe for any type of use and human consumption.

In a normal plumbing system, the supply pressure must always be greater than the system pressure so that all types of water in the system will only flow in one direction. However, if the pressure in the system is more than the pressure in the water supply, then backpressure occurs, which will lead to the occurrence of backflow. Back siphonage also triggers backflow, which typically happens when the supply pressure is lowered dramatically.

Another major culprit behind backflow is the presence of cross-connections. Cross connections are created by connecting a line of potable water to a line of unknown water or liquid source. These connections are much more common in lawn irrigation systems, which are typically connected to a safe and consumable water source. Cross-connection also happens when one end of the garden hose is attached in clean water while the other end is lying in a cesspool.

Commercial Property Owners Must Know

The occurrence of backflow in residential areas can significantly risk the health of families and their surrounding neighbours. Commercial properties that will trigger backflow can be worse since larger pipes, valves, tanks, and other components of the plumbing system are involved with this problem. Whenever backflow occurs in commercial properties, a huge percentage of the whole plumbing system is contaminated with harmful elements and dangerous chemicals that pose problems to the business.

Some people in your commercial property may get sick or even brought to the hospital for medical attention. If the contaminated water is consumed in huge quantities, all the bacteria and germs that the water contains may reach a person’s body and cause fatal diseases. Without any immediate action and intervention from property owners, several people might die due to consuming dirty water.

To prevent backflow, commercial property owners must install adequate backflow prevention devices that are positioned along with the water supply. These devices must be tested and serviced every year by professionals to determine if they can still work smoothly. If you need to have professional plumbing services for your commercial property, then contact us now at G. Brand & Sons.

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