Rainwater Harvesting System and Its Benefits in Water Conservation

16 October 2019

The depletion of man’s most basic necessities is no longer news to us. And water is no exception. Sooner or later, people all over the world will suffer its effects. That is why water conservation is a must. And it is a must not later than now.

One of the most innovative and practical way to conserve the said necessity is through rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is the collection and utilisation of runoffs from rooftops, ground surfaces and watercourses.

The rain harvesting system allows you to store the rainwater accumulated on your roof so that you could use it as a water source. To ensure its safety and efficiency, the system must include the necessary materials such as filters, covers and diverters. Not only would it become reliable water source if effectively managed, it would also aid in water conservation.

Reduces Main Water Use

It is important to identify how exactly rain harvesting system aids in water conservation. Studies show that by simply using the harvested rainwater for several cleaning purposes such as toilet flushing and car washing, you can conserve about 70 percent of your main water use. It could even decrease up to 85 percent if harvested rainwater is incorporated to your hot water systems. A significant reduction in the use of main water would not only save money, but would also give other consumers the chance to avail of the said resource.

Provides Emergency Water Source

There are certain emergency situations wherein main water resources are not made available. As such, harvested rainwater can serve as a backup water supply to aid in necessary household activities. It can also be used as an emergency water source in putting out possible wildfires.

Possible Independent Water Source

Rainwater harvesting can become an independent water source in certain areas that have no available water source. Harvested rainwater could also provide a cheaper option in areas wherein water is too expensive to develop or too difficult to obtain.

Reduce Need for Water Development Infrastructures

The cost of producing treated water is significantly increasing each year. Not to mention the cost to construct and maintain dams, pipes, and treatment plants. This is due to the increasing demand for treated water. Rainwater harvesting reduces the demand for treated water thus allowing the areas to utilize and maintain their existing water infrastructures instead of building new ones.

Water Consumption Awareness

Harvested rainwater is technically free once you find a way to store it for future use. This alone would push people to practice rainwater harvesting. As a result, people will become more aware of how much water they are consuming. It is easier to encourage people to conserve water once they are aware of the amount of consumption and rate of its depletion.

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