Quality Pipelines Matter in Plumbing Projects

04 November 2016

While most property owners don’t pay much attention to the plumbing of their buildings, unless there is a problem, the quality of pipes and fittings really does matter, in many ways. In fact, the quality of pipes in pipelines matter in all types of plumbing projects, that is why standards for materials used in plumbing systems are set. Depending on the specification of dimensions, the design, and materials used in a plumbing project, such as fittings and drains, will determine the type of pipes used.

The types of pipes used in a home vary, depending on the use of the pipeline, such as for the hot and cold water pipes, for the toilets and drains, for outdoor plumbing and the main vent stack, under sinks, for the main water line, and for the drain leading to the sewer line or septic tank. All areas of plumbing have standards set, and for good reason, pipes and fittings need to be of a minimum quality for performance, uniformity, and safety, especially in pipelines used for drinking-water.

Also, standardised requirements for pipelines in all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings reduces the risk of error by installers, and limits damage caused by erosion from low quality pipes. This is why quality pipelines matter in plumbing projects.

Plumbing Standards do not Ensure Quality Pipelines

It’s true, plumbing standards are set by government and regulating organisations for good reasons, but these do not guarantee that installers will use quality materials during plumbing projects. In fact, no plumbing system, regardless of the design, can be expected to function as safely as expected if the materials or plumbing products are less than standard. Not to mention, even if high-quality pipes and plumbing materials are used, the skill of the installer matters, especially if these are installed incorrectly.

With this in mind, not only does quality pipelines matter in plumbing projects, but so does the skill of the installer. That is why it is recommended to hire only professional plumbers with a proven reputation for using quality plumbing products, and who have experience in all areas of plumbing, such as G. Brand & Sons Plumbing Melbourne.

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