Proper Sewage Maintenance Helps in Flood Control and Prevention

06 March 2017

Whether it is natural flooding or flooding caused by a damaged pipe, free flowing water can and does cause extensive damage to homes and businesses, especially if the sewer line backs-up and wastewater escapes. For this reason, residential and commercial property owners are advised to take measures to prevent flooding that can also help during flood control.

The best way to prepare for flood control is by preventing or limiting the risks of it happening and the conditions that can make it worse.

Flood Control and Prevention with Proper Sewage Maintenance

The biggest concern when flooding occurs is the potential health hazards that can come with it, as often times black water or water from the sewer line escapes and mixes with flood water, which seriously compounds water damage and makes cleaning up more difficult and costly. The first step to take is to make sure that sewer lines are properly maintained and in good condition. Cracked or deteriorated sewer pipes leading from the home to the street’s public line can create a problem during flooding.

Oftentimes leaks from underground sewer lines go unnoticed until enough sewer water seeps into the ground and becomes noticeable by smell. However, when flooding occurs outside and mixes with it, and then water enters a home, it creates a real health hazard. Same is true when flooding happens indoors and the sewer line backs up and mixes with flooded water.

The cause of damaged sewer pipes is commonly due to tree roots and deterioration of pipes that become cracked. So, it is advised to check the condition of your sewer line using CCTV, and then have a plumber install backflow prevention devices to stop contaminated water from mixing with your good water supply that is used for bathing and preparing food.

Not only should you properly maintain your property’s sewer line, by making sure there are no leaks or blockage detected, but you should also have all the plumbing inspected as well. In this way, damaged pipes and potential problems can be corrected to prevent the risk of indoor flooding from happening.

Preventing blockage of drains and sewer lines is not difficult, if you make sure to keep paper products such as female hygiene products, paper towels, and even cigarettes, grease, food, or other items from being flushed down the toilet and drains.

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