Prolonging the Service Life of Your Flushometer through Preventive Maintenance

22 November 2021

Toilets have been revolutionary in terms of maintaining the health of people. With the presence of these sanitary hardware pieces, they can effectively collect human wastes and transfer them to the sewer system. As long as toilets are cleaned optimally, they can easily prevent people from getting sick.

One piece of accessory that can help toilets maintain their core functions is a flushometer. A flushometer is a metal water-diverter that utilises an inline handle in flushing tankless toilets. Once activated, this specific accessory allows the release of a specific amount of water before closing back up. Compared to a typical tank toilet system, opting for a flushometer can easily save a huge amount of water. It likewise eliminates the need to install raised water tanks.

If you currently own a flushometer, then you already know all the benefits it brings. However, it would be better for your flushometer to be maintained optimally so that its service life will be extended.

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Flushometers can generally stay functional for a long time if they are maintained preventively. Keep in mind, however, that not all maintenance activities can be effective in prolonging their service life.

You see, some flushometers that are found in public toilets cannot be cleaned and maintained preventively due to several reasons. For one, public toilets are intended to be utilised for hours by different people. This fact prevents plumbers from maintaining the flushometers on a daily basis. Another reason public toilets with flushometers cannot be cleaned and maintained preventively is that plumbers do not have enough time to cover all of them. Most of the time, they can only maintain them once issues have already developed or occurred.

Preventive or preventative maintenance requires regular assessment and servicing of the flushometers. With regular preventive maintenance, flushometers are expected to have a prolonged service life and minimised upkeep and cleaning expenses.

Maintaining Your Flushometer Preventively

A flushometer can deteriorate easily if the water it receives has high levels of chlorine, dirt, and debris. Issues on your flushometer can likewise occur if it is being utilised for long hours or has been damaged directly by the users. Improper installation of its components as well as utilising non-genuine parts can also lead to issues with your flushometer. To avoid these things from causing damages, you must conduct preventive maintenance as early as possible.

When maintaining your flushometer, you must utilise a paper or white towel in catching the water and any debris that will be produced by the said accessory. Doing this can help you identify the type of debris that is present on your flushometer. It can likewise help you determine its potential issues. Another maintenance tip that you can do is to tighten any couplings and covers by hand before snugging them with a wrench. Following this tip can preserve the looks of your flushometer.

Another maintenance tip that you can do is to maximise silicone grease. Using this type of lubricant can help your newly replaced seals slide into place without any difficulties. Gaskets must also be wet before they are installed so they will not generate problems along the way.

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