Primary Factors that Can Trigger Backflow Problem

25 May 2021

The basic design of most plumbing systems allows them to effectively regulate different waterways towards their intended destinations. Some of the plumbing system lines are meant to transfer potable water from a water source to households and other properties. Alternatively, other lines can remove all wastewater from the properties and transfer it to the septic tank, treatment plan, and any other locations.

However, plumbing systems do not run optimally all the time. There are times where some of their parts deteriorate due to a long time of usage. Some of their parts may even get damaged instantly due to sudden movement of the ground or poorly planned excavation. And with these issues, properties may experience backflow, a plumbing system issue wherein waterways suddenly flow in reverse. What makes backflow dangerous is that it can contaminate the supply of potable water and cause health issues.

There are various factors that can trigger a backflow problem. Some of these factors are the following:

Faulty Backflow Preventer

One of the devices that property owners should install on their plumbing systems is the backflow preventer. A backflow preventer is a type of check valve that can prevent sewage or wastewater from returning to where it comes from. The valve on this device regulates the direction of the water and ensures that it will not go back again.

And so, if this specific device suddenly becomes broken, then there will be no other mechanisms that could stop wastewater from flowing back into the shower drain, kitchen sink, and toilet. The same thing may happen if the backflow preventer suddenly malfunctioned.

Damaged System Parts

Another factor that can trigger backflow is the presence of damaged plumbing system parts. Sewer lines are usually responsible for the transfer and movement of wastewater away from properties. If these lines suddenly get damaged, then there is a huge chance that the water will come back to key property areas. Normally, the presence of backflow can be identified first by encountering random water leaks in the basement. Eventually, the backflow can cause leaks and foul odour in sinks and toilets.

The damages on sewer lines can be identified by checking any signs of cracks and fissures. Without resolving these damages, the backflow issue will continue along with huge flooding in the property.

Municipal Backflow Source

There are instances where the backflow is triggered due to a problem with the city or local sanitation system. With this specific factor, it is recommended for property owners to contact the utility company right away so they can quickly fix the issue. Alternatively, property owners should also contact a plumbing company so they can assess, maintain, and clean the plumbing system.

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