Plumbing System Inspection: How Often Should This Be Done for Multi-Unit Apartments

14 February 2018

One of the important aspects of managing a building is making sure that the plumbing is in working order, this is especially true for multi-unit apartments. While it is recommended that family dwellings have their plumbing system inspected at least once every two years, multi-unit apartments that have much more plumbing pipes, drains, and fixtures, which are used more frequently, require their plumbing systems inspected more often.

As an example, plumbing problems are more frequent because all the tenants’ units share the same plumbing. Routine plumbing system inspections are vital as a means to prevent common plumbing problems, thus reducing overall repair costs and to ensure that residents are comfortable and not inconvenienced by any disruption of basic services.

How often should plumbing system inspections be done for multi-unit apartments? That is a good question. The answer can help protect buildings and their plumbing systems, and ensure that common plumbing problems are less frequent and that residents are not inconvenienced. As the age, size, and quality of multi-unit apartments all need to be taken into consideration to determine how often plumbing system inspections should be scheduled, the best person to answer that question is a professional commercial plumber.

Avoidable Plumbing Problems With the Help of Professional Commercial Plumbers

The routine scheduling of a plumbing system inspection, under the recommendation of a professional commercial plumber, should be done for multi-unit apartments to avoid not only common plumbing problems, but to elude the risk of serious plumbing system failure, which can include gas lines, drains, and damage to pipes that deliver fresh water.

Here are some common plumbing problems that multi-unit apartments can avoid with scheduled plumbing system inspections by a professional commercial plumber:

Backed up toilets, sinks and drains – just like residential homes, multi-unit apartments face the same common plumbing problems, although more frequently as all the residents share the same plumbing. This is why plumbing system inspection is needed more often than just once every two years. For example, when one tenant’s unit drain gets backed up, it can affect multiple other units. If it is a serious clog, units on lower floors can experience flooding from dirty water.

Undiscovered pipe corrosion and leaks – older apartment buildings can have corrosive water pipes and sewer lines that break down, causing leaks and flooding inside residents’ units. Discovering these and replacing water pipes and sewer lines before leaks can develop can avoid serious problems.

A proactive approach to maintaining the plumbing systems of multi-unit apartments is always the best solution. Consulting with a professional commercial plumber is highly advised, as they can recommend how often a plumbing system inspection should be done.

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