Plumbing Problems and When Repiping Becomes Really Necessary

13 October 2020

Plumbing systems are vital to all types of properties as they deliver water to specific rooms and areas through water supply distributing pipes. Additionally, they also transport waste products away from properties with specific waste and vent pipes. Even the stormwater drainage, which helps catch and remove stormwater from properties and their foundations, is also part of the whole plumbing system.

The functionalities of these plumbing systems make them truly important to the day-to-day activities inside any properties. And so, if these systems will suddenly obtain numerous problems and issues, then they will truly cause some difficulties to both the properties and the people living or working inside them.

Most Common Plumbing Problems

Various plumbing problems are often experienced by and have already occurred to many properties. One of the most common problems in plumbing systems is the occurrence of dripping faucets. Most property owners and occupants would just ignore this specific problem and just go on with their lives. However, this problem alone can already drip away hundreds of gallons of water and money every year as all faulty plumbing system components are remained unchecked.

The occurrence of a clogged sink, bath, shower drain, or toilet is another common plumbing problem that property owners may have already encountered. Clogged sink, bath, and shower drain, which are often associated with the slow draining of water, are often caused by the build-up of hair and soap on the drain’s pathway. Alternatively, a clogged toilet is often caused by the accumulation of toilet paper, human waste, and various solid products that are not recommended to be flushed down on the toilet.

And speaking of the toilet, a running toilet is also a common plumbing problem that must not be ignored by property owners. This specific problem, just like dripping faucets, can also waste up to 200 gallons of water each day, which can be huge when converted to the amount of water needed to be paid regularly.

Other common plumbing problems that can be experienced by property owners include faulty water heater, low water pressure, and leaky pipes.

Repiping for Particular Situations

The process of repiping would be suitable for any issues that have been previously mentioned. However, some factors can likewise make repiping truly necessary for a specific plumbing system. Some of these factors are the following:

  • Property Age: If the property has been built decades ago, then its plumbing components might have been already deteriorated due to the presence of certain damaging elements. If the components are made from steel fittings, then they are greatly susceptible to rust and corrosion. Those that are made from older copper or brass fittings can last for a long time, but their strength and effectiveness might likewise decrease over time. And so, repiping must be done to properties that are already old.

Poor Maintenance: Aside from property age, one factor that also calls for repiping would be the lack of proper repairs and maintenance. If numerous plumbing components are already failing, then a complete overhaul of the system must be done to not only replace the whole system but to modernise it. Making the components up to date can be more efficient due to the materials used as well as all the sustainable mechanisms associated with them.

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