Plumbing Maintenance

16 June 2014

It is important for you to keep an eye on your plumbing for leaks and the like, but it is also essential to have regular professional plumbing inspections. Some people do this every 6 months, but all homeowners should do it once a year.

Plumbing problems can be very expensive if things have been going on for very long, and in some cases they can lead to other things like mold and structural damage. You can prevent the damages, mold and the expensive repairs by just having an annual maintenance checkup and fixing leaks or plumbing issues as they arise. Even a small leak can mean big trouble.

Clogged drain piles or valves are pretty common reasons for a leak to occur. However, just a little leak can lead to serious issues and fast! This is a looming disaster in the making. Many homeowners have regretted ignoring that tiny leak because it led them to having to repair major water damages to their homes. Leaks cannot go ignored or rigged to “get you by until.” They have to be addressed immediately.

Think about your drains and what goes down them daily. You want to make sure that you are cleaning your tub and sink drains. You can do this with hot water and baking soda. This can be done weekly if you want, and it needs to be done at least two times a year. It helps remove sediment and grease build up.

There is nothing like random visual leak inspections. Look around the toilet, under sinks, in the laundry room and under the house. Lime deposits and rust are signs of an issue to come, as are wet spots and unexplained moisture. You will want to keep your eye out for these as well.

Still, even with regular at home plumbing maintenance you want to contact a professional to come look around. An annual inspection can save a ton of money and maybe even your home. This is a way to prevent costly repairs and water damages to the home.

While you can never prevent an emergency where a plumber may be needed, you can reduce the risks of one happening with professional and private plumbing maintenance.

When you schedule your plumbing maintenance the lines will be professionally cleaned, leaks will be found if they exist and a professional can tell you if there are any areas of concern before they become a problem. This will likely save money on your bill too. You just can’t beat the benefits of maintaining regular plumbing maintenance.

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