Plumbing Maintenance: 6 Essential Tips From G. Brand & Sons Plumbers

08 September 2022

Although it’s a complicated system, your home’s plumbing is crucial to keeping you warm, fed, and clean. Until something goes wrong, taking your toilet, sink, and shower for granted is simple. But don’t worry, a plumbing issue will eventually arise in almost every home. Because of this, it’s beneficial to be aware of the plumbing maintenance dos and don’ts and to be familiar with the typical issues you can prevent.

Nobody wants to wake up to discover that the heating is broken, the drains are backed up, or the toilet is overflowing. G. Brand & Sons wants homeowners to know the fundamental preventative maintenance procedures. We are industry specialists in the plumbing sector. Use these tried-and-true tips to keep your home dry, sanitary, and free of dangerous microorganisms.

Check Leaks Regularly

If you have a leaky toilet or tap, your water bills will increase quickly, but leaks can also harm your house and be expensive to fix. Over time, many causes of leaks, like corroded and rusted pipes, occur. Therefore, be sure to check your pipes for degradation frequently. If you see rust or water droplets on the pipes’ exterior, you should immediately contact a professional plumber from G. Brand & Sons.

Don’t Throw Any Form of Trash on Your Toilet

Toilet paper and human excrement are the only items you should flush down the toilet. Never flush cotton buds, hair, sanitary items, or makeup wipes since a toilet bowl is not a trash can and doing so will result in a blockage. Unclogging a toilet is not enjoyable, and hiring a plumber to fix it would cost money you could easily save.

Monitor Your Water Pressure

Your water pressure may be low if it takes longer than usual to run the hot water faucet or take a shower. In contrast, if a pipe bursts or you notice a leak, your water pressure is too high. You can detect pressure changes before they cause expensive harm by using a pressure gauge to check your water pressure.

Avoid Using Chemical-Based Drain Cleaners

It can be tempting to use a chemical drain cleaner when you have a slow drain or a blockage, but these treatments rarely completely free a blockage. In other words, if you want to maintain the drain clean, you’ll need to keep utilising them. Instead, use a plunger to unclog any clogged drains in your home. Contact a licenced plumber from G. Brand & Sons if you cannot remove the obstruction on your own; our plumbers will be able to do so without harming your pipes.

Inspect Your Sewer Drains

Depending on where you live, your home is either connected to a septic tank or a sewer line. Septic tanks are on-site wastewater treatment systems often located in or below your property. On the other hand, sewer main lines are connected to your city’s water system. Your entire effluent is dumped underground and treated there.

Regardless of the drainage system in your house, a professional should check your drains. Due to the steady flow of water, pipes can become clogged with debris and cause issues with your home’s sewer drains.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask G. Brand & Sons Plumbers for Help

A little plumbing maintenance can go a long way. Things should be alright if you adhere to a regular schedule and take preventative steps.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from G. Brand & Sons Plumbers if you ever encounter a problem you’re unsure how to manage. Our team of expert plumbers will stop the issue from worsening, leaving you a satisfied homeowner.

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